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  1. dadofseven


    Z2 Trackdays out of Reno, they were very lenient for the Novice group, which I was in...I pulled both the tail light and head light fuses, but it turned off all dash function's including TACH/Idiot lights and fuel. Tape took about 5 minutes...great group to go out with. I will be in the B Group next with a dedicated track bike after I get back from my trip to the desert.
  2. dadofseven


    it turns off all the dash info as well....didn't care to do that...thanks.
  3. dadofseven


    Thanks Brian!! wish I could ride next year with you guys, but duty calls. I will be across the pond most of the year. I wanted to get the juices flowing before I left, when I get back im buying a track bike, getting a little to competitive on the Blue Whale, don't want to ball it up, and lose the whole thing.
  4. last track day with the blue Whale, gonna buy a track specific bike when I get back from OIR.
  5. dadofseven

    It's a dry heat

    117 on the Bike o meter this afternoon at home in Vegas....
  6. dadofseven

    2015 Motorcycle Safety Day

    5th Annual Nevada Army National Guard Motorcycle Safety Day. Come out and enjoy vendor displays, skills demos and a free hot dog lunch. 23 May 2015, 1000-1300, Fairview Drive NDOT Lot, Carson City, Nevada
  7. dadofseven

    Presidents Day 2015

    Myself and a few friends, great mix of bikes, metric twins, Harley's and a couple sport bikes. Tahoe was beautiful !!! Weather was fantastic.
  8. dadofseven

    Virginia City 2015

    Rich and I in Virginia City, Nevada. next to a four legged friend.
  9. dadofseven

    Trinity Canyon

    How come you keep cutting my bike out?????
  10. really nice!! that whole central utah corridor is breathtaking.
  11. dadofseven

    Ride for Kids 2014!

    10 th Anniversary event. We raised a little over 65k, 350+ bikes, great ride!
  12. dadofseven

    VFR and Army Aviation!!!!

    My bike and our new Lakota. I'm not an aviator, but I get to ride on them a lot!
  13. dadofseven

    2014 vfr800

    i sat on one over the weekend, much smaller from the seat than my 12', like Ninja 250 small, about the same ergo's/reach as my 12', would love to get some time on it, still kinda pricey...
  14. Several members from Nevada and Central Cali meet for a trip around Lake Tahoe.
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