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  1. @Ziffer - sounds like a well thought-out route, I'll check it out, Thank you. edit: just taken a quick Google Maps look at that route. I never would have thought to head to the Olympic National Park, the start of Route 101 and the rest of that route looks stunning. Cheers.
  2. @Marsman99 thanks for the info m8, really appreciate it. I've driven through JT NP when I drove from Vegas to SD many many years ago, very interesting. Sunset views are always the best, especially when followed by good food and drink!
  3. @Lorne 10 top tips, thanks. Will investigate those links. 👍
  4. Oh, and wine country! Definitely need to visit there! Had a day touring vineyards in Marlborough, NZ when we were there so that's definitely on the list!
  5. @RC1237V Thanks for all that, some great info to get stuck into. @St. Stephen Great suggestions, we'll get onto Google and investigate those places. @bmart - I've read enough tales on here to know that I would love to ride out with some of you guys down some of the best routes the west coast has to offer but this is not a bike holiday. We had a truly memorable tour around South Island NZ a few years ago on a VFR but this trip needs to have enough room for a larger suitcase or 2. As I mentioned though, I'd be keen to slip in a day or 2 on a bike if that was possible though the logistics of hiring all the kit as well may preclude it and anyway, I've no interest in hiring a Hardly, just a VFR. We have no great plan at the moment, it's just a thing Mrs Skids wants to do and we have no idea of all the best places to visit/stay etc hence asking on here. Sadly, we wont have enough time to do this properly, that would take months which we don't have. We'll hire a car, maybe a soft-top assuming the weather will be warm but it wont be anything special ($$$). The Redwoods will be a must as Mrs S is a horticulturalist in her spare time. Otherwise scenery, good food, a bit of history (no jibes from me) but this has given us a great start and a basis for framing the holiday. Sadly, your country is just too darned large for short visits; I'd love to head east further inland but we just don't have the time. LA is not on my must-see list; visited briefly 30-odd years ago and it just seemed to be an urban sprawl but I did enjoy SD when I visited there at the same time; loved the vibe of the Gaslamp district and although it would be great to go back, maybe ending the journey further north may give us more time to explore the riches of the PNW, Oregon and Northern California. That's something we will have to discuss.
  6. Hey guys, Mrs Skids & I are considering a tour down the West Coast of the US sometime between May & Sept 24 lasting 2-3 weeks, maybe starting in Canada then down perhaps as far as San Diego via all the usual tourist spots and I was wondering if there's any advice you could give us - this is largest pool of US folk I know so seemed like a good idea asking on here. I know a lot's been happening over there over the last few years and we get to hear very little about it so #1 concern is safety (Defund the Police.....seriously????) as you all seem to carry guns (wtf???) then advice as to roads to travel, places to visit etc. Motels or hotels? Is there much difference? Air bnb? Must see, places to avoid etc. We're happy to pay a bit more for quality places to stay (I don't do canvas or cheap sh1t places). I realise it's a 30hrs+ of driving avoiding the highways so maybe we're biting off more than we can chew, so again, happy to listen to advice on that. Sadly, this will likely be made on 4 wheels, though I'm sure I can persuade her to lose 2 wheels for worthwhile sections. 😉 Mrs Skids has never been to the US but I have visited LA & SD before and I definitely want to see SF. Thoughts & advice welcome.
  7. When you try to get it in neutral, does the rear wheel turn if you push the bike? If the neutral light is blown, you can still see if its in neutral by pushing it. Sometimes you need to turn the rear wheel slightly to get the gearbox to slip into neutral. Difficult to tell if Yr saying the gearbox won't go into neutral or you have an electrical issue. What doesn't 't turn on? The Fi light? Sorry if that all sounds a bit basic but it's difficult to tell exactly what the circumstances of your issues are.
  8. I'm guessing this bike is more for show than riding.
  9. @Maccers Hey Maccers, sorry but I completely missed your post above, only just saw it as I posted about my new end can. I returned the HEL lines, managed to get a full refund too so kudos where it's deserved. There's a thread on the issue I had so I bought some Galfer instead. I'd fitted a set of these to my previous 08 VFR800. The Galfer lines are superb, much better design than the HEL at the headstock join and the brakes are a significant improvement imo. Bleeding the Dual CBS can be a challenge but if I can do it, I'm pretty sure anyone can. Always worth a calliper strip, clean and rubber renew if yr removing the lines anyway. I'm lucky because I also love my VFR1200. Sebsteef ECU flashes are very well thought of by those that have had it done and along with some suspension work and a DAM end can the bike becomes a truly outstanding motorcycle, imo.
  10. In addition to the WiLD headers that I've just put a deposit down on, I have just ordered a GPR hi-level end can. Hopefully the 2 will go together well.
  11. Interestingly, the RBM (EVO) is cheaper than a PCV; £376 vs £432. So I guess I'll go with the RBM but I may need to ask on here for some assistance setting it all up once I've got the WILD headers and hi-level fitted.
  12. Sadly for you, it has been known for a while. If only you'd asked. It's much worse with the VFR800F and the VFR800X. Loads of compatible parts but difficult to tell which are and which aren't. Luckily they don't often need replacement parts.
  13. I'm sure you will, but please keep us updated on Darryl's progress and next time you see him, give him our best wishes for a speedy and successful recovery.
  14. Thank you @Mohawk, @ShipFixer, @vfrcapn, @Tirso, much help.
  15. I blame the beers. Of course I meant Iridium 🤦‍♂️
  16. 58 pages! I finally got round to reading every page, but then we are sat on a beach in 33°C / 91°F chillin’ with a few ice cold Changs so what better place to while away the hours! Firstly, thanks doesn’t sound anywhere near enough to Lance and Darryl for continuing to provide the worldwide VFR community with such a fabulous product. Thanks also to all those others who have contributed. Now that I have purchased and refreshed an 01 5th Gen and ridden for a brief few miles before the dreaded winter weather hit, I want to nail down what I plan to do and see if anyone with greater skills and experience than me can forsee any issues with what I’m considering. 1. 5th Gen WILD headers (I like that name), passivated, NGK Titanium spark plugs, currently have new OEM air filter but happy to buy the larger K&N as it looks worth it. Question whether there is a better option than the supplied Delkevic crush washers? Some folk seem to have been having issues. 2. Looking to purchase a high-mount GPR end can/muffler but slightly concerned with the potential fitting issue from the link pipe to the new headers due to differing diameters. I’m not aware of any specialist exhaust folk near me and don’t want to be left with all this beautiful kit lying on the bench because I can’t get 2 pipes to fit. And no, I possess neither the skills nor tools to DIY this. @sfdownhill (or anyone) – what’s the od at the back end of the WILD headers please? I can contact GPR and see what the id of their connector pipe is. 3. PCV or RBM? PCV costs £432, which RBM is likely to be best suited as they don't seem to id which kit for which bike like DJ do? Atm, I'll plan to purchase a PCV, update so it runs with the 01. I’ll try stock map first but then look to pay the $50 for the Attack map. Never tried to tune a bike like this before so am a little nervous about it. Currently discounting the RBM as I think it’s a little overkill for my needs/skills, but does depend on price and skill level required to fit. The bike will only be on the road from April to September, no track days, just ridden to enjoy. 4. O2 sensor set up – question; O2 eliminators on the front 2 sensor holes, PCV sensor on the rear one? Is this the way the PCV should be setup? 2 x O2 eliminators included with PCV. What connections does RBM require? Sorry if most of these points have been covered but with $1500+ more being invested on a bike that has already (willingly) cost me an arm and a leg but one I do not plan to sell, ever, I need to make sure I get it right. Any issues with what I'm planning, what have I missed or simply got wrong? Finally, @sfd/duc2v4 - can you email me when you want the deposit please, I don't check in on this site every day and don't want to mess you around with a delayed payment. Thanks. Cheers.
  17. And air con, and showers, and a bar, and a restaurant....
  18. It looks like it. I'm sure your name will be picked up and added to the list.
  19. To save trawling through 57 pages, could someone please reiterate whether a PC or other such device is required with this? It's been so long I've forgotten. Any other requirements - mounting etc? Many thanks.
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