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  1. Miguel, so sorry to hear this but absolutely understand.
  2. I thought it was quite positive, considering they could have done so much more with the engine and weight.
  3. Thanks. I'll look for a load checking place this weekend but probably just order new one anyway...off to Northern Spain (Picos) end of June so needs to be 100%.
  4. My old 5th Gen, a 98 which ended up with 130,000 miles on the clock used to regularly (like every 16k 😉) need 3 new valve shims. Having said that, my last Crossrunner, a 2015 didn't need any changing in 2 x 16k services and I have not had my 2018 Crossrunner checked at 24k. Just sayin'
  5. Evenin' all, had an issue with my 2014 VFR1200F this morning. She sits in the garage over the winter on a battery tender (Optimate) and gets an occasional outing when the weather is not crap. I last rode her a few weeks ago and all seemed fine. Decided to give her a run this morning, started up fine but then realised I'd forgotten something in the house so switched her off and went to get it. Came back, pressed starter button and she laboured to turn over, let alone start. Ignition OFF/ON and tried again, even worse, barely turned over. As I was in a rush for work, I plugged her back into the Optimate and took my usual VFR800X instead. Got back this evening and tried again. Started fine 6 times, though sounded like it was progressively struggling but on the 7th attempt same as this morning, struggled to turn the engine over and no start. So that sounds like a battery to me (it's 9 years old OEM) but thought I'd check with the Guru's before forking out hard earned dosh on a replacement and see if I should do some other checks first. Thoughts?
  6. I have one too, but postage from UK wouldn't be nice.
  7. The carrot of riding again ought to obviate the need for Mrs Duc to use the stick, but it sounds like she wouldn't hesitate if it was needed. 😂 Best wishes m8.
  8. The experts will be along soon but that sounds like an earth problem to me.
  9. There's always the WiLD headers available on this site.
  10. If only you'd had those a few months ago.... Makes a big difference to the low end smoothness of the throttle and is easy to do.
  11. An alternative or addition to the above burping was passed to me many moons ago: get a friend to help, coolant cap off, sidestand up and in gear, lean the bike over to the left as far as you can manage (peg scraping if poss). You should notice some burping and when you pick the bike up again, you'll notice the level in the rad has gone down slightly. Top up, maybe repeat, up to you. I've used this method several times as well as the throttle burp and it does seem to work. YMMV.
  12. I've had the Powerbronze fitted for a while now and it worked fine until I fitted Helibars and now the wind noise is too much for me so I am re-fitting the Givi D321S touring screen I removed a few years ago.
  13. Yep, those are the ones.
  14. Have you checked the SM? It's available to download here.
  15. Oxford do a great cover, I have 2, soft interior and fit well with elasticated edges. Only for indoor use. Not sure if Oxford available in US?
  16. Glad you got it sorted. Fortunately I didn't have any running issues like you did when I resurrected my 2001 VFR last year that I bought with only 8900 miles on the clock. Only major issue was with fitting HEL braided hoses that didn't fit. Thread here.
  17. Car jack under the downpipes where they are horizontal at the bottom with a piece of wood between them.
  18. Definitely possible but not always easy to confirm. I purchased my 01 last year with 8900 miles on the clock. The condition reflected this and I could check online with the government website the mileage recorded at each of its annual roadworthy checks (required after bike is 3 yrs old), plus servicing receipts which led to to conclude it was genuine mileage. The owner unfortunately developed hip issues meaning he could barely ride it after he bought it. For 10 years he only managed to ride it to/from its annual check and for the last 6 years didn't ride it at all, zero miles, all adding up to a total of 400 miles in 16 years. So it is entirely possible but one should still confirm.
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