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  1. I don't know for sure but I believe they do.
  2. Surely you mean Sarf Larndon? Do you visit regularly?
  3. Iirc there should be a stamp on the VIN on the frame if its been completed. I think.
  4. I think Sir doth misunderstand. I was agreeing with you m8. 👍
  5. Off on hols on Friday, delayed due to catching the big-C (Covid, not cancer) so not much progress for a while now until we're back.
  6. I messed up the fitting slightly but spotted it before I tightened the banjo bolts. System refilled, speed bleeders fitted and system bled. I've tied the front brake Lever back overnight so will wait and see what happens - this is the point last time where I spotted the leaks. Also fitted a Skidmarx Cf-look chain guard and hugger.
  7. Not going to do that, but thanks. 34 Nm is correct, which, when applied to a shorter 12mm ring spanner is probably as tight as I can make it. Thanks all.
  8. Yes, you are correct m8, a ring spanner will fit but I am a pedant for torquing bolts correctly. Having said that, the male/female joints from the delay valve up at the headstock would not allow for a socket so I used 10mm/14mm spanners for that. Just wondered if I was missing something, a special tool or technique.
  9. How? I've removed the speed sensor take-off and still nowhere near enough room to get a socket on the banjo bolt. Is there some secret way of doing this that someone can whisper, or are you all just going to tell me to "person" up and use a spanner?
  10. True, the poet in me was clearly missing. Yes, the sound envelopes you in a symphony of aural motorcycle nirvana. Is that better?
  11. Titanium I prefer to call it. The DAM sounds ridiculously good too. Every time I cane it (every time I ride it) and hear the noise, a little bit of wee comes out. ☺️😉
  12. Well done to the CHiPs, guy in cuffs and arrested with no-one hurt. Could have been very different.
  13. I've had this issue with parts from Thurn Motorsports in Germany, to the extent I'm not ordering any more due to the increased costs involved. I'm going to call GPR UK distributor to see if they can order a hi-level from Italy as they're not listed as available on the UK website.
  14. M8, there is a reason why Honda asked all owners to bring their bikes in to the dealer and pay for these bikes to be modded; companies don't part with their own cash like that for nothing, nor risk tarnishing their reputation either. I'm struggling to believe a Honda main dealer anywhere in the world would not be happy to take your bike in and perform the mod free of charge to you. I was even offered a loaner for the day they had it in. It's your life. Have you checked with Seb that he can flash the DCT model? It is a different ECU and I vaguely recall that he said he couldn't but may have overcome whatever issue it was. He has also said he's trying to flash the 800 so maybe it's ok. I wouldn't claim that his flash 'transforms' the bike though, but then it depends what it was about your first 1200 that you didn't get on with. Whatever you decide, ride safe!
  15. Thanks Bren. That's a European site, so, sadly, thanks to some idiots, the hassle of purchasing from Europe is now significantly more difficult and expensive than before. Can't see a link pipe either.
  16. I'd really like to fit a hi-level end can to my 01 baby but choices seem very limited over here in the UK. Used - hardly ever see anything. New - seems to be a choice between Delkevic, Dominator or Black Widow. GPR look good but they don't seem to do hi-level. Any help or advice appreciated. Any experience of the above also appreciated.
  17. Mello Dude on this forum used to make them. I recently purchased some off ebay in the UK so I imagine that someone in the US must make and sell them.
  18. Galfer hoses fitted but no time to fill and bleed, that will have to wait a few weeks I think as we're busy next weekend with 2 days of rugby then off on holidays for the following 2 weekends. Much easier to fit than the HEL lines, especially those fixed lines by the headstock plus Galfer cleverly replace the hard lines that cross the fender with braided hoses so there should be no issues there either. The end may finally be in sight!
  19. My bad @bmart, mis-understood what you meant.
  20. Was that addressed to me? I'm not settling them, I'm returning them to the manufacturer for a full refund.
  21. Thanks Terry, already did that and it worked. However, it also highlighted another leak, this time from the link pipe from right to left front calipers so same type of joint as the one I had the original issue with. I decided I can't continue with the HEL pipes as I'll always be wondering if they'll spring another leak whilst riding so I contacted them again and they agreed a full refund. Kudos to HEL CS , very good indeed. Managed to source a set of Galfer braided hoses from the US and am waiting for some time to remove the HEL ones and replace with the Galfers. I fitted a set of them to my 6th Gen a few years ago and it seemed much more straightforward.
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