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  1. I put a two brothers header on my 6th gen and I didn't have any of those issues.
  2. Whelp, so far I have opened up the two factory swing arm holes and bought some grommets. Then I tied string to the factory brake line, pulled the brake line out and string through the tail and then pulled the string through the swing arm. Next I am going to need to get the grommets in the swing arm and ss line through. Then I will need to cut the ss line, attach the banjo fittings and finally reassemble everything. It will get done eventually, I just don't have time like I used to.
  3. Mohawk's motad vs two brothers header dyno.
  4. I believe what I did was: Remove factory narrow bands. Installed o2 eminators on the honda harness Loop the o2 sensor connections on the Rapid bike harness. Definitely don't throw your factory o2 sensors away, just in case that doesn't work. For the engine brake settings, I based my settings on my AFR readings on the Youtune display. Each gear needs slightly different adjustment, but since we do not have a gear input on the VFR harness, I tried to do the best compromise for each gear. I will have to double check my settings, but I think I had it around 50%,
  5. While the 20 year old o2 sensors could be okay or on their way out, they still will not be anywhere close to as accurate as a new Bosch wide band. Though the difference in tuning a lightly modded vfr could be negligible, so its your call (but it seems like you have already made your decision). A wide band o2 sensor will tune faster and more accurately than the factory narrow bands, at all throttle and rpm positions (Not just large throttle openings). I guess you go this idea from how the Honda ECU only uses the factory narrow band o2 sensors at light/steady throttle, but this is irrelevant, as
  6. I would be more concerned about tuning with 16-18 year old o2 sensors, than the 2 vs 1 argument. If it were me, I would shell out a few bucks for the single wide band o2 sensor and ditch the original 2 narrow bands.
  7. Yeah it would need updated firmware as well as mapping, not just mapping alone, so that would probably be best left to the authorized dealers.
  8. My 6th gen has been down for a while. My rear hub bearings failed and I was on the fence forever, trying to decide on whether to do a Ducati hub swap or rebuild the original. Eventually I rebuilt the original hub and cush drive, got halfway into installing it and then decided to tuck the brake line into the swing arm. Long story short, the ss line and banjos came in last week, so hopefully I can find some time to get everything assembled and back on the road shortly.
  9. I think it would work, but they would have to promise/ ensure higher quality, actual performance merges and provide a legit dyno before/after. Also they could not ask more than a $100 over their standard header, any more than that for an ebay brand header, would be ridiculous.
  10. -_- man I am pissed that I invested so much time and money in the vfr stuff, thinking that this kit wasn't going to come together and sure enough, right as I am getting reading to put it back together, the kit is for sale.
  11. Of course: http://sprocketcenter.com/street-sprocket-applications/honda/vfr-800-2002-2014.html
  12. As much as I am not a fan of ebay headers, that would be a great option.
  13. That has to be one of the most poorly designed collectors I have ever seen in my life. Why are people still buying these things?
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