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  1. HI JZH, it's a 6 mm bolt, because the disc is for the HRC RC45 axle, but eventually, when I receive the right disc, then it will be with 8 mm bolts, and with the same head. I do not think the heads on bolt follow a specific norm, other vice than the socket size, or hex head size. If that's what you mean, when writing it is not in a DIN norm?
  2. last things first - I will try the master, because the caliper have small pistons, so I think the pressure it can deliver will be sufficient for that setup to work. the caliper is from ISR, Sweden, made for my setup. The torque data comes from the HRC RC45 manual for the HRC axle. See the pictures of the manual. and the torque is 202 lb-ft.
  3. I am not sure, an engineer I know, who make steelconstruction will say it will hold the wheel and axle insert in place. It is also pressfitted into the axle. I have also torque the wheel at 280 Nm, as per the HRC manual for the RC45 rear wheel. So I will try and keep an eye on it and see.
  4. so the rear axle with the axle insert is ready and tried in the hub. At the same time the light weight rear brake are tried. I am thinking of taking rear master from a Honda CRF250, because there is a integrated reservoir and they are cheap. anybody tried that?
  5. Very nice build:-)

  6. Hi, short update: it's been a while since my last post - we have moved houses, and it's first now that I am getting my workshop ready to work in. For now the rear axle is getting welded at a workshop near me and I am looking at getting the rear subframe ready for welding. I got a set of Honda VTR1000SP1 forks this week, know I need a set of triples for it. I will start on a new front fairing holder soon. Anybody have som experince with moving the radiators up front, instead of the orignal place on the side of the bike? any advice is appreciated:-)
  7. thank you very much and yes it hat to come out now I still need to make up the compartment between the two sides, so the ECU and other electrical stuff can be inside there
  8. Some pictures of my new subframe project. Two 10 mm side frame parts water cut in aluminium. Rear end from a Honda RS125... I need to change the wiring loom and routing of it. The plan for are, that the battery will be moved up front or on side of the bike and front radiators mounted. Is there anybody who has experience with the NC30/35 radiators and fitment - will they be sufficient for this bike? I just need now to work out where to cut out some holes in the sides.... to lighting them more
  9. VFRRR

    subframe VFR800

    start of the rear subframe for my VFR800 rebuild
  10. And now for the brake system, I will have on my bike.. I mentioned in my first post in this thread, that I will have a very light weight rear brake on my bike. I have made the rear brake system for my RC45 years ago. The brake system consist of a caliper from ISR, Sweden, which is very light, 240 gr. with pads, a disc also from ISR made to order and the brackets, which I made for it. The total weight for it is 900 gr. and it is capable of stopping the RC45 as road bike, maybe with a weight loss of approx. 10-12 kg. I do not have the weight for the standard rear caliper, so I do not know how much weight it will save on my bike. Other mods I am working on right now is a complete rebuild of the rear end, using my own subframe and a Honda RS125 race tail (pictures soon)
  11. now the price for axle insert + nut including shipping for the US is worked out. it is 145,50 plus paypal fee of 4%. There is 2 left..
  12. Hi Rush Can you PM me with your adress and I will get back to you with shipping cost.:-)
  13. Hi Sebspeed you will need to use the sprocket carrier from the nc30/35 reverse or do a cush drive like Mohawk and HighSideNZ have done. Using a sprocket carrier for the Ducati. HighSideNZ have som really nice drawings on his thread about the conversion. thread are on this link: http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/forum/index.php/topic/81706-single-nut-rear-axle-conversion-6th-gen/ and no problem for me, if you do your own welding, it's a lot cheaper than sending an axle across the world:-)
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