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  1. y2kvfr

    Milky Way

    Looks like you're outta luck Dutchy!
  2. y2kvfr

    Milky Way

    When I take night shots, I definitely use a tripod. You can get light weight tripods and just hang weight to stabilize them (I use one of my diving weights). Fixed 50mm lense works well to get both in focus. Trick is to set focus when you still have light, then don't mess with it :) Attached is a 15 second exposure in my backyard, milky way with a fisheye lense on an old canon rebel.
  3. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! (plus a cam mount)... and a N'ring sticker to boot. As far as filthy swingarms go, Timmy & I rival each other. Heck, I don't see it while I'm riding!
  4. y2kvfr

    Strobe Lights

    Added strobes to the VFR
  5. Digging the coolant hoses! I have to do mine as I have a leak in the V (again). Thinking of going this route. Any tips? I culled the list from the thread you mentioned, I'll source them locally if I can. Any additions to the list above?
  6. Becky and I arrived safely at home. Mr. R1 just checked in as well. Hope everyone in the Bullet Hole Rd group had a great time and I apologize for that road. Billy goats need not apply. -trav (sitting on the front porch enjoying me pipe -FU Timmy :) )
  7. Yeah, uh that ain't white... Then your camera phone sucks!!! Sure looks like white from here! :)
  8. IIRC there is no slow group, unless there is a need. We have routes for intermediate and intermediate (faster). We'll go the pace for the group. Seb - do you have an updated list?
  9. The 'Carver' crew - white 5th gen... can't wait to see that! (Yet another color of primer, right Timmy?)
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