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    Version 1.0


    This is the same manual that is already available here on VFRD. I have been using this so much lately that I went ahead and made it a little more useful for myself. I assumed that some other members might like to have it as well. Combined both files into one. Optimized the file size so that it is only 60 MB. Ran OCR text recognition to enable text searches on the entire book. Rotated pages that had landscape page diagram for ease of viewing. Created bookmarks for each chapter & sub-chapters. I figured this was the least I could do to contribute since I am getting so much help from this forum.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Good Morning, I found this helpful link, it appears to be a service manual for the 8th Gen VFR800F / RC79 https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=67493
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    Version v3


    As originally made available by HispanicSlammer, this manual first came out for the 2002 model (first 6th generation model year). Not much has changed with respect to servicing the 6th gen VTEC since it was introduced in 2002. By-and-large, this manual applies to all 6th generation VFRs for years 2002 to 2011. There are only minor differences in some later years, most notably starting in 2006, with changes to VTEC engagement RPM and the wiring harness. All the hard work for this scanned version was done by an unknown source. The actual manual part is not searchable since it is a compilation of page scans only. I was tired of scrolling around the huge document trying to find what I needed. So I spent a few hours generating bookmarks. This version has bookmarks for all the subsections for each major section in the manual. The first page for each major section lists all the subsections and these each now have a bookmark for quick and easy document navigation. If you enable bookmark searching in your PDF reader - and most PDF readers support this - you can then search for major terms and subsections and get search results in the bookmarks. Remember, this Factory Service Manual is far from perfect. Firstly, it presumes you have a reasonable level of mechanic/shop experience. Secondly, it contains many errors. Not just typos, but erroneous information. Some of it was fixed in errata releases in subsequent years but not all of it (trust me, I've checked). I strongly advise that you search for relevant topics, review them and post any questions you may have in this most excellent of forums, VFRD, prior to performing your own major servicing of your VFR. There are amazingly helpful members here and a lot of great How-To posts. Enjoy and be safe! P.S. new version v3 has fully searchable text thanks to Adobe Acrobat's amazing "recognize text" OCR feature which has the added bonus of deskewing the page images as well as generating fully searchable text!
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    6th Gen Service Manual
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    Honda service manual for the 02-09 VFR 800.
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