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OFFICIAL COZY MAP - (cozye_ver5.djm) - Famous vtec pc3 USB map.

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About This File

Thanks a million to HS for setting up this downloads section. Well, here is my map for everyone to download. This is the same map that is featured in Motorcyclist Magazine (May,07 pg 159).

This map should work perfectly on any 2002-2005 VFR with aftermarket slip on and o2 eliminators. It will work well on any vtec really, regardless of exhaust. If running stock exhaust you may want to go in and lean it up just a touch. Try it first though and see before tweaking. If anyone feels like they can make some improvements, go for it. Many minds are greater than one.

I believe Tinyminds has dyno'd this map and got around 101 hp or so.

This map wont work well on 2006-2007 models with the lower vtec engagement. You could probably take the map and modify it accordingly for the lower vtec range. If someone attempts this, please post it up for other newer vtec guys to use. I've had quite a few 06-07 owners ask for it. My thoughts are that you could copy mine below 6000, and above 8000. Then just mimick what I did with the fuel curve on the dynojet supplied version from 6000-8000. Just smooth out the fuel curve.

enough rambling.

One request however. If you use the map, and you really like it. Why not make a small donation to VFRD ? I would guess there are probably 150 people who have or are using this map (just going by the fact that I have had about 300 request for it). If all those people chipped in 5 bucks, it would be quite a bit of dough to go for our wonderful community. Just a thought. :thumbsup:

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I've got the '06 with the pwr cmdr. I'm planning on adjusting your map per your suggestion. But what do you mean by:"Then just mimick what I did with the fuel curve on the dynojet supplied version from 6000-8000. Just smooth out the fuel curve."

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Flapper Mod should smooth out your flat spot. It did on my 03 VFR running this map.

I am currently running a gutted stock exhaust , O2 Elims, Flapper disabled with this map on a PCV. I must say it runs amazingly. Supper smooth VTECH transistion!!! I originally was using the whitepine map that utilizes the PCV map by gear ability. However it didn't quite run right and the vtech was very abrupt in most gears. I switch to the cozey map and bada bing. Thanks alot Cozye!!

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Installed the map on my 02 vfr800. I got some surging between 4000-4500 rpm during steady cruise. Other than that runs like a charm. Any suggestions?

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Guest flyboy819


I also have a surging between 4000 to 4500. I have FMF exhaust with the 02 elim. I have not got to the flapper disable as of yet.

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Just installed y'day, and after only a quick ride I am amazed! Much smoother vtec at all throttle openings, and seems happier at low revs. Thanks!!

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