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  1. ^^^this. I've asked for this step to be modified in the guide a few times and many people are missing this important step--close the bleeder between actuating SMC and before refilling with rear pedal. I reference this in my short form guide.
  2. This is why I recommend closing the bleeder between actuating SMC and pressing pedal per my short form guide. Closing the bleeder (even if it's a Speedbleeder) and then pressing the pedal will force the SMC back out thus filling it.
  3. Something in the order of $80/pair maybe? I'm Canadian and need to add 40% to that :-(
  4. I edited the post above and updated it based on this year's fluid change experience.
  5. BartmanEH


    From the album: Air Box

  6. BartmanEH


    From the album: Air Box

  7. From the album: Air Box

    self-stick 5" x 15' vinyl foam aluminum backed self-stick insulation
  8. As a follow up to this, I'm glad to report that many thousands of kilometers later, this mod is working fine for me. My concern - stated in previous post - over splitting the signal and creating an additional load on the VSS is unfounded since [1] it's working fine and [2] the original wiring splits the VSS signal into the speedometer circuit and the ECM anyway so it's always had the load of those two circuits. With this mod and and the Speedohealer installed, the load on the VSS is the Speedohealer and ECM instead of the Speedometer and ECM - that amounts to the same thing. We're all good!
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