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    A while back I had purchased a set of AS3 silicone coolant hoses for my 5 Gen and for the most part the kit was complete, well if you had a 98-99 5 Gen the kit would have been complete. However, for the 00-01 models, which have the wax idle unit, there were two hoses that were not part of the kit. Well after a few phone calls and quite few emails from myself and sfdownhill, we were able to get AS3 to make the two hoses that were not available a few months ago. So for any 00-01 owners who are looking at silicone coolant hoses, they cab be assured that the kit will be complete for the 00-01 5 Gen. That being said, there's always a price to pay right? Of course there is. On the one hand, the hoses are now available but on the other, since the new hoses are quite a bit larger in diameter than the OEM hoses, fitment without modification to a mounting bracket may make installation a bit difficult. I received the two hoses from AS3 a while ago but was only able to get to the installation this past weekend. With that, here is what I found... For starters, both hoses are pretty close to the OEM hoses, with one slight issue, the hose that comes from the left side of the bike to the wax unit appears to be a little too long as-is. We'll have to let AS3 know but being that it's longer, actually makes it not that big of a deal, as a razor knife can take care of the length pretty easily. Here are the hoses compared to the OEM... This is the hose that Honda doesn't make anymore and was one that SF and I were able to acquire from eBay and send to to AS3 to build theirs from. This hose is actually still available from Honda and is the one that was a bit longer than the OEM hose. I ended up cutting mine down to size. - Now that I had the two "missing" hoses, I proceeded to install them and this is where I found a slight issue with the larger outer diameter of the hoses. The OEM bracket that the wax unit bolts onto has an adequate opening for the OEM hoses but would be too small for these two hoses. (Fitting the cut down hose) (Attempting to fit the other hose) You'll notice the markings I made on the bracket with a sharpie, this was to get an approximate area to cut out for the hoses to fit. Once I removed the bracket, I then measure about 5mm in from the edges of the bracket and cut out the metal. Not quite as clean as I was hoping for but it was the best I could do with my Dremel. I probably didn't need to take so much off but I wanted to do one cut and since the bracket is pretty sturdy, I went for my previous measurements. As one might expect with all the different hoses and clamps that are needed, the hose clamps created another issue. I was able to get the lower hoses clamp from underneath as if I had it setup to tighten from above, the clamp screw would have gotten in the way of the curved black hose that is above it. even then, it was a little tricky trying to tighten the clamp from below but tilting the TB assembly sideways, I was able to get it. Well that's what I got for you. Hope this will be helpful to those looking for an AS3 hose kit for their 00-01 5 Gen.
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    I can never remember where links to places were posted in different threads so here's one with links as I get them. Please feel free to suggest additional links and/or new topics and I will list them in this first post. **and thanks to the guys who have posted these up in the threads I've scavenged** General info http://www.hondavfr.org/faqs.html 16"/18" to 17"/17" wheel conversion: http://www.one-ring....aq/WheelFAQ.htm OEM Parts http://www.servicehonda.com http://www.oldbikebarn.com http://www.hdlparts.com/ http://www.cmsnl.com/ http://fiche.ronayers.com/Index.cfm http://www.babbittsonline.com/ http://www.davidsilverspares.co.uk/ Aftermarket Parts-Upgrades-Tuning http://www.daughertymotorsports.com/ http://www.cometic.com/default.aspx (custom gaskets) http://www.drp123.com/ http://www.carbtune.com/ Engine Maintenance - Cams Electrical http://www.regulator.../...mp;x=9&y=10 http://www.ricksmoto...telectrics.com/ http://www.vintageconnections.com (oem-style harness connector replacements) www.accel-ignition.com (hi-perf. coils & wires) (hi-perf. coils & wires) Suspension http://www.superbrace.com/ http://www.racetech.com (emulators) http://www.sonicsprings.com (springs) http://www.worksperf.../html/home.html www.wilbers.de (a german company, but with english as a language option I believe) Frame/Wheel Repair http://www.framestraight.com Fairings vfrchuck (ebay) or email: vfrchuck@bright.net http://www.beasleyco...e_honda.htm#Top http://justfairings....ludes/index.php http://www.poly26.com http://www.airtech-s...R7501986-88.htm http://www.empiregp....500/parentID/72 http://www.pferrer.de Windscreens http://www.cyclepage...oductID=4005355 http://www.bikescreen.com/ http://www.1tail.com...m...mp;pc=1&c=9 www.mra.de Decals http://www.xtremedecals.com http://www.cbdecals.com Paint Codes http://www.vsource.o...aPaintCodes.htm Exhaust http://www.laserexha...002_VFR750F.pdf http://www.motad.co....o...&manu=Honda Fueling/Carburetor Parts http://www.mspseals.com/ Carb bowl gaskets(o-rings) http://www.siriuscon...inc.com/ Other (consumable) carb parts Gas tank treatment http://www.por15.com...rp=CTRK&dept=12 http://www.gas-tank.com/bike.htm Luggage(specialty) http://www.twistedth...roductlist/493/ Frame Sliders (custom) http://www.oesaccessories.com Salvage yards http://www.necycle.com/ http://www.motosites..._Salvage_Yards/ http://www.mrcycleparts.com/
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    I thought Samco was the only player in town. The Samco Gen 5 silicons kit is $468!!! $135 for the AS3 kit is about the same as Honda OE (98-99) hoses a la carte (without the NLA upper middle radiator hose 19504-mbg-000). Thanks for sharing!
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    carburetor diaphragms, air cut-off valves [or coaster enrichment valves] carburetor overhaul kits and spares for all Japanese carbs. http://www.nrp-carbs.co.uk/
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    From the album: Colorado Day Rides

    Maxwell and Motomike from Minnesota
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    From the album: Colorado Day Rides

    We did not go in - just the turn around point for one of the better roads in Southern Colorado
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    From the album: Colorado Day Rides

    Pikes peak with smoke from the Springer fire taken from Wilkerson Pass
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    Hello: There is a web site in The Netherlands, CMS, which has the on-line parts-fiche listed for most, but not all, VFRs (including U.S. models): http://www.cmsnl.com/ CMS has a particularly nice feature. If you already have a part number from another source, or, if you acquire a part number from a parts-fiche on CMS, you have the option to click on the underlined part number, and this handy little cross reference window opens up, which is entitled, "Suited for models." So, that "Suited for models" cross reference will show you EVERY Honda, which ever used that part. This, therefore, often can answer those frequently-asked questions such as, "Will a widget from an '86 fit the '87?" Ron Ayres also has a "Reverse Part Number Lookup." This too is a nice feature. If you already have a part number, load the part number into that field, and the system pulls-up a list of the bikes using that part AND the parts-fiche parts list, drawing (click on "view" to see the drawing). Very cool: http://fiche.ronayers.com/Index.cfm Not ALL VFRs are listed on CMS; not ALL VFRs are listed on Ron Ayres, but between the two resouces, you can usually get the information you want. rctwentyfour
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