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It just needs a little love.

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I picked up this unloved 2006 with 29k for $450AU, there is not many places on the bike which are not covered in red paint or black or white or some blue paint or a combination of all four.

Unknown condition of motor, will still be good for parts, considering I bought just a rear tyre for $300 last week


All fairings and headlight missing, fork seals leaking, brake calipers dangling of some string, tank has a dent on top that might pop out and many layers of paint, seat appears to be covered by an old wet suit.


It has staintunes and near new rear tyre, I like the white wheel, might keep that.


A couple of coats, a scrape then got out the pressure washer.


Charged the battery, installed the radiators, changed the oil, sorted out some electrics, turned it over, and she fired up.

And pretty sure it has a blown head

gasket, lots of smoke, coolant level decreasing and milky coloured oil.


Did a compression test, 2 at 110psi and 2 at 125psi.

Easier to buy another motor but,

has anyone changed a Vtec head gaskets?

Rebuild is out of my league but would I be looking to do any other maintenance tasks if I change the head gaskets?


Plan to go naked with her.


Thanks in advance, all positive comments appreciated




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“Unloved” doesn’t even begin to cover it. 


You are my hero. Good luck!

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Hold up on the head gasket job my VFR Vtec starts with plumes of white smoke, settles down after 30 secs, could the oil colour be from sitting and condensation, are you definately not loosing coolant outside engine?

Add a little oil to the low cylinders and see if value increases this will help tell if its rings or valve/head


Read this thread: http://vfrworld.com/threads/cold-compression-test.31581/


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Did mean to say also that the last owner must have hated that bike? its far too young to be a Rat bike.

Like the naked look as well there was a blue one posted a week or two ago looked lovely.


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It's amazing how much damage certain people are able to do in such a short time.   Someone had to really work at it to get it in to such a sorry state.  But, it's a Honda - still runs!   Looking forward to seeing how this turns out. 

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Betting it was stolen, ridden, crashed, and abandoned  by  surfer gang crackheads on meth ?? :unsure:

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