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Tips & Tricks To Help Your Charging System

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Here's the quick summary on my '99: did only step #3 and charging voltage at the battery went from shaky 13.1V (2500rpm) to solid 14.1V. I commoned the red-white wires coming out of the new style Honda rr using zam's recommended button hook method and also soldered it, then ran direct to the battery positive with a 30a fuse in the line.

The background is my batteries have started dying sooner and sooner over the last few years. I was always able to charge them back up and they'd run for awhile but the top off charge would need to be more and more frequent. This was regardless of new/old battery. My current battery is 8 weeks old and was just about dead Sunday morning, for the second time. The Electrex/ElectroSport flow chart showed everything within specs other than the voltage at the battery, which would not go over 13.1V and was about 12.8V at idle.

New values are 14.1V at 2500rpm, 13.8V at 5K rpm, a full 1V higher at all rpm's. I've never seen 14V at the battery before, ever. Running around yesterday with a lot of short trips, frequent starts and the battery seemed solid, no weakness. Battery is sitting at 12.8V volts now with the bike shut off. I'm cautiously optimistic this problem may be fixed! :thumbsup: (Although I'm going to hunt down a Yamaha rr just in case...)

The rr connectors were getting very hot when I was letting it idle Sunday, now the power/ground plug shows no sign of heat build at all. The stator plug is still getting very hot but it seems to be isolated to the connector itself, the wires a couple inches away on either side were not particularly hot. It would seem the connector has some major resistance? I'm thinking it needs to be rewired and the stator wires upgraded? I've cleaned the connectors and they seem about as good as they're going to get.

edit: I think swas answered my queston in the previous post. Time for new stator plug...

This is why I love this site...thanks to zam70 for starting this post and thank you vfrcapn for posting your results.

I did a check on my charging system and with a brand new battery I was resting at 12.7 V and idling at 13.2 V at 5k rpm voltage dropped to 13 or 12.9 V. I followed the extensive stator / R/R checks from Electrosport and everything checked out as it should have.

I will try your method above and post my results...was already looking for a new R/R and stator...hope this will provide results...Cheers!! :beer:

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OK so here is the update:

I commoned the two red/white wires and soldered a 10 gauge wire with a 30 amp fuse directly to battery.

Same results as vfrcapn, I gained 0.80 volt. So at idle I was at 13.5v and now at 14.3v at 3-5000rpm I was at 13.2 and now at 14v steady...at the battery...previous results were taken from the new volt meter...I'm losing about .30v from resistance to the meter

From reading some of the posts i have seen the comment that if your charging voltage drops when increasing revs that the stator is toast...I'm not so sure about that (please correct me if I am wrong) it seems that the bike may be charging more at idle to compensate for electrical loads ...when I tested the stator the resistance was .5 ohms equally and no short or partial to ground...I also did all the tests from electrosport and everything tested o.k.

I can only assume that this is normal...I'm getting a steady 14v at any rpm above 3k so it is charging...I will leave it and see how it goes.

I hope this will help someone with the same doubts I had that the stator or R/R were faulty...

***Update - After some more reading it looks like the voltage drop when revving is possibly due to the increase in demand I.E: fuel injectors and ignition...I also have yet to install the tail lights and only one of the old headlights is working...haven't really tested the charging under full load.

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Poor charging performance on my '99 led me to your post.  After determining that the stator was in good working order, your solution made much sense.  After a short time implementing your solution my charging troubles are a thing of the past!  Thanks for your posting, it sure helped.

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