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  1. Bike Idling at 3k RPM!

    Hi Rogue_Biker. Noticed your picture shows your Fi light to be on! During the Starter Valve synch process your Fi light should display two error codes, one for they MAP Sensor and the other for the IAT Sensor. Once you've completed the process and everything re-connected you should have NO Fi light indications. Are you sure you have electrically re-connected your IAT and MAP sensors, are all vacuum lines properly connected? Did you disturb any of the linkages from the Wax Pellet unit to the Starter Valves? Does the normal Idle Adjuster work in lowering Idle RPM? Just tossing up a few ideas. Good Luck. Cheers.
  2. Hi Sparticus. Sorry but don't understand your reasoning for Two blockages. Surely tank Vacuum venting is via the fresh air inlet hose through the canister to the tank breather line. So if you are confident of no pinched or blocked hoses, then you should be suspicious of a faulty canister. Would imagine you should be able to blow air through the ait inlet hose of the canister and with your fuel cap open feel the air exiting right at the fuel cap coupling. Cheers.
  3. Hi All. Some more general info regards the Filler Cap. I was unaware that the two vents in the cap are independent! The left one provides Pressure Relief while the Right provides Vacuum Relief (via the slightly spring loaded valve). Yet both of these vents end up at the same point being the breather hose! ------ WHY? Stuffed if I know. The bottom line from this is, provided your breather isn't blocked you should only ever have very slight vacuum (due to valve spring tension) and virtually no positive pressure. ( Ignoring all the Evap Canister plumbing stuff, its not on the Aussie version. ) Cheers. Grum.
  4. Gear indicator error

    Hi Smiler. Some info for you regards the Gear Position Indicator. Suggest you download the Service Manual its great reference material. The Gear Indication comes off three gear position switches in the gear box, they form a logical input to the ECU for gear position. As to why they would state that Speed and RPM is relevant doesn't seem to make any sense as you can happily shift through all the gears at any speed and RPM and still get the correct gear indication.. HOWEVER, at the risk of being shot down in flames!, state that RPM and Speed inputs might only be required when a Quick Shifter is fitted. Cheers. Grum
  5. That's correct, no Carbon Canister. The breather goes directly from the tank via the small and large hose to the underneath of the bike, the forward hose of the three.
  6. Hi Sparticus. It sounds like you have diagnosed a faulty Carbon Cannister. Got the same gastric bubbling sound the other day whist I had my breather tube disconnected investigating this issue. Suspect it was the tank venting and the valve in the fuel cap bobbing. Real shame about the quality of workmanship you received at the Honda dealership - Bloody disgraceful. Don't know wether you could claim warranty on your tank caused by faulty Carbon Canister, I'd sure be pushing for it. Good Luck. Cheers.
  7. Hi Fink. Wonder if NZCam is experiencing a positive pressure, vapours expelling from the tank when cap is opened. I get this often, just back from a ride today, bike in the sunshine, opened the filler cap and had positive whoosh of vapours from the tank, it's relatively slight though. Info - No Carbon Canister on the Australian version. Think we might hear of many a sad story of tank deformation due to a pinched breather hose after the first tank raising. The problem is the first 12inches of small hose from the tank. BE AWARE! Cheers. Grum.
  8. Hi Cam. There is a small one way valve in the fuel cap that is lightly spring loaded. It should keep the tank in positive pressure but when venting is needed a small amount of suction is going to be required to overcome the small spring tension on the valve. Pretty sure that's how it works! Cheers. Post Edit - Close inspection of the fuel cap shows independent Pressure and Vacuum relief vents. The Vacuum has the valve, yet the two vents end up at the same point being the breather hose! So you could end up with slight tank vacuum because of the valve, but next to no positive pressure.
  9. Hi All. After hearing the bad news that this issue could destroy your tank!!! Decided to have a very close look at this problem and think I have discovered why this is happening, and, as reported, this is a SERIOUS situation the vacuum created can be so strong it can seriously DAMAGE your tank!!!! It seems there are a few people that have had this happen after any servicing has been done around the airbox (air filter replacement etc.) requiring the tank to be extended in maintenance position. When the tank is placed in the Maintenance position the small breather hose is pulled up by a few inches through a whole lot of clutter. The problem is, when the tank is lowered back to normal position the hose doesn't naturally go back from where it came and bunches up and gets crushed and kinked against all the other clutter so close to the breather inlet to the tank. See attached photos. The solution is to simply pull at the small to large hose coupling area to take up the slack while lowering the tank. (see photos). You should always be able to blow air from either end and feel air being expelled at the opposite end (fuel cap open of course). Hope this helps. Cheers. Grum. Post Edit - Some clarification here, there is a difference in being able to Blow air through the breather hose (positive pressure) than able to Suck air through it (negative pressure). A kinked partially blocked hose will allow blowing air to flow, However suction could further help to collapse the hose causing a complete blockage.
  10. VTEC Downshift

    Love it Gator, had me giggling for a while.LOL. Cheers. Agree with Thumbs, just treat it like a normal engine. The 4 valve transition is a lot better on the 8gen than previous gens. The VTEC system (not variable valve timing) has been proven to be very reliable, wether you like it or not is a personal thing.
  11. Hi Skids. Further to my posting above. This is the method I used to confirm my Breather Hose was not blocked. Simply holding this hose to the breather coupling and blowing I was able to feel air exiting from the other end of the breather hose underneath the bike. Hope this helps. Cheers Grum.
  12. Hi Skids. I've had the high vacuum issue with my tank once, the vacuum was so strong I thought I was going to break my key in trying to open the filler cap. You will either have a pinched breather hose (one of the three hoses that ends up at the bottom of your bike) ,OR as I did, a suspected jammed small one way valve thats inside your filler cap. The valve allows for positive pressure to build in your tank but never negative (unless its jammed). Have a very good look for a pinched tank vent hose, this can easily happen after raising and lowering the tank from the maintenance position. Failing that, remove your filler cap from the tank, there are 5 allen head screws, open your filler cap and you will see only 3 of these screws hold the filler cap in position just remove these 3 the other 2 are dummies. With the filler cap removed undo the centre Phillips head screw to access the one way valve and spring, give the valve and seat a squirt of WD40 then reassemble. While the filler cap is removed have a good look at the vent line for any obstructions, you should also be able to freely blow air through the tank vent hole and feel the air exiting from one of the bottom three hoses under your bike. Its an easy thing to do, I've had no further reoccurrence of the problem since doing this almost 2 years ago. Cheers. Grum
  13. Air filter

    Yes have done exactly that. 6 and 8gen filters are the same.
  14. Parasitic Drain

    Glad its all sorted. You seem to be the only one to have had an issue with the 8gen R/R. Overall it appears the big H has sorted out the gremlins that haunted us all with failing Stators and R/R's from previous gens. Cheers
  15. Parasitic Drain

    Hey Jad2477, Are you out there? A few of us are very keen to know how you got on with your R/R replacement and excessive current drain issue. Any Update??????