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  1. Dam thought I had it. Tried the headlight relay in its place and I didn’t work. Only works when I use the paper clip trick. Really thought it was just a bad relay but I took it off the bike and used a 9v battery On it and I can hear it click. Is the bank angle sensor not allowing it to close the circuit.
  2. Bad fuel cut relay. Did the jumper wire trick you mentioned early and it primed. When I was testing the relays A few days ago I must have been doing it wrong. Thanks for all of he help. Would it be alright if I temporarily left the jumper wire in until the new relay comes in the mail or would that burn up the pump. Nice weather and I just want to take a quick ride
  3. Thought it might be the wire connection so I cut it off and hard wired it to the fuel pump and it still won’t prime. With the wires disconnected from the fuel pump I get 12v but once I hook the wires up and test it I get between .5-1v. So does that mean that it’s grounding out inside the pump itself. If that’s the case then why does it prime when I jumper wire it directly from the battery. I appreciate the help. Without your advice I would be completely lost. Thanks
  4. Ok got the battery charged and tried to jump the ground with a alligator clip Directly to the negative on the battery still not priming. Tested the Ohms from the ground On the fuel pump connection to the negative on the Battery and got like .1 ohms so I must of been doing something wrong when I tested it yesterday. I took the tank completely off the bike so I could get a better look at where the wires were running to and while I had it off the bike I hooked up a battery With two jumper wires to the fuel pump connection and it kicked on and made the whining Sound like when it primes. So I went
  5. I killed the battery trying to crank on it. I’ll give it a try when I get the battery charged up
  6. I think your on to something. I’m reading 30ohms if I hook one end of the meter to the ground and the other to the negative on the battery. So new ground wire? Where do I run it from?the ecm to the frame? Sorry I’m an idiot when it comes to electrical stuff. Guess I’m going to learn a thing or two if I keep this bike.
  7. Need a little help from someone that has more knowledge then me this one has got me stumped. The bike is an 04 vfr800. The issue I’m having is the fuel pump won’t prime. The bike will turn over but I’m not getting any priming sound out of the fuel pump. I’ve seen other topics about this and have done some research but can’t seem to track it down. I’m getting 12v at all the relays and 12v at the fuel pump connection when it’s unplugged but when it’s Plugged into the fuel pump and I back probe the wires I’m getting 0v. Also when I connect the fuel pump directly to the battery with jumper wires I
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