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  1. Just turned 80,000 this last season on my 04. No valve checks, seems like it runs better as the miles pile on.
  2. This one or that one ?

    Top. Very cool.
  3. They first did patch work, then a complete resurfacing. They did a very nice job.
  4. A little heads up, crews have been resurfacing an 8 mile stretch from hw 74 towards Franklin. They just finished today, and man is it sweet! You guys are going to love it!
  5. checking for voltage drop

    You can give this flow chart a go.
  6. Finally a VFR Owner - 6th Gen in MN

    Howdy from Duluth Sam, and welcome to VFRD... a great source for info on your VFR!
  7. Just for the heck of it, try pulling the clutch in when it's making the noise.
  8. Hi Knute, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  9. 6th Gen Staintune downpipe crack

    Yep, mine developed a crack in the same spot. Just took it to a good local welding shop for repair, still holding up quite well after several years and 10's of thousands of miles.
  10. Riding quotes

    "F'ing cager pulled out right in front of me!"
  11. Rothmans Resurrection Pt. 2 - On the Road.

    Man, what a gorgeous bike.
  12. Jerky At Low Speeds

    I fitted a PC and 02 eliminators at perhaps the 7k mile mark on my '04 because of the abrupt on/off throttle and the 4,500-5000 rpm hesitation and never looked back, I now have 70k smooth as butter miles on it. Personally, I feel it was probably the best money I spent on the bike. Perhaps the other mentioned ideas will work, I'll never know, I just went right to the PC... problem solved.
  13. Nice! I'm trying to steer my wife toward the 8th gen as well. Really interested in how the bike fits you after the mods. Enjoy the new ride
  14. Very cool Seb! Congrats!