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  1. TimC


    Nice shot! :biggrin:
  2. Sorry to hear about the mishap, but your post is a good reminder to us all. :rolleyes: I bungee stuff to my rear seat often, and usually double-check it before getting on the bike. I'll also reach behind me periodically during my ride to make sure my stuff is still there.
  3. TimC

    A Costly Haircut

    $197 for a parking ticket?! That's one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard! Why on earth is it so expensive?Unless they wrote you up for illegally parking in a handicapped spot I can't understand such a high cost.BTW, where do you live, so just in case I'm ever there I know to either park perfectly legally, or just continue thru town without stopping!
  4. TimC


    That's one of the best looking VFRs I've ever seen. :biggrin:
  5. See? This is why hard bags are so sweet! :biggrin: :beer:
  6. Great shot of a sweet 4th gen!
  7. TimC


    +1. I usually keep the bike in 1st gear while waiting at stoplights. With a shorty clutch lever, at longer lights I think my first two fingers would get tired from holding the clutch in. That's the biggest reason I went with the standard length levers.
  8. TimC


    I like the idea of a long left and shorty right, but I have the standard/long levers on both sides. BTW, I love these. Much better than OEMs for me.
  9. :laugh: Nice! Sweet dreams, Kev! ;p
  10. I can't recall the brands, but there are a couple no-cut options available. Do a search here on VFRD and a couple threads ought to pop up for you. Having said that, however... I have the R&G set on my '04. I did have to drill holes thru my fairings, and while it's a PITA once it's done you'll never have to worry about it again. And it's not like it trashes the looks of the bike IMO, so I'll take the better protection of these vs. no-cut sliders that might do more harm than good if hit hard.
  11. TimC

    New Rearset

    Congrats! Those look sweet. I have a few question tho... -I thought rearsets usually moved pegs up and back. Do these move the pegs in all directions? -Are you going to feel more vibrations without rubber inserts on the pegs? -Is there much weight savings with these vs. the stockers?
  12. Huh, interesting. Perhaps not such a silly idea after all. I don't know. Just because Congress is considering it doesn't mean it's a good idea. :fing02: Just kidding! (I know, no politics. 'Twas just a non-partisan joke!) I'd like to see this concept in action sometime.
  13. Personally, I don't think adding an engine braking light is a great idea. As responsible riders, we should be keeping an eye on our mirrors at all times, and when there are cages/bikes behind us we need to let them know we're slowing down by tapping the brakes. I do the same thing in my car. Like COS said above, I'm in the habit of 'tapping' my brakes to let following drivers/riders I'm slowing down gradually (i.e. engine braking). I let off or partly close the throttle, then hit the front lever very lightly a couple times. I only wish more drivers were attentive enough to be able to judge a change in speed without having to see brake lights. OT...Big pet peeve: Drivers who believe their foot should be either on the gas or on the brake 100% of the time. It's like people forget they can coast. It's even more annoying in a traffic jam. Back on topic...During group rides in the twisties I'll tap my front brake to let following riders know I'm slowing a bit ahead of a turn/curve. This is especially true when I'm leading the ride. BTW, I've read that downshifting to slow down is less fuel efficient than simply engine braking/coasting, which makes sense to me. I still prefer to downshift at times to bleed off some speed.
  14. I had grip warmers on my first bike, but like Hondalover above, the fronts of my fingers would still suffer. I may try Hippo Hands this winter. I have a pair of Olympia winter riding gloves that work down to about 35F, but any lower and they're ineffective, esp. at highway speeds. BTW, I ride 'til snow starts to stick, at which point they start salting the roads and I winterize my bike.
  15. I agree that the stock suspension components for US-bound bikes should "fit" slightly heavier riders, but especially on bikes aimed at the sport-touring segment, designed to be ridden loaded with bags and/or 2-up. But I also agree with George - suspension is one of those things you mod if necessary, and for most people isn't a barrier to buying a certain bike. I'm planning to mod my VFR's suspenders this off-season.
  16. Ouch. Sorry to hear about the crash, Doug, but glad you're generally OK. Thank God for gear!
  17. What, no pics of the food?! :laugh: Just kidding! Nice report, HS, and congrats to Radar again! :fing02:
  18. That's the best looking 4th gen I've ever seen. :) If I ever see one of those for sale around here, I'm buying it.
  19. I did the ICE cellph/photo for my "wallpaper" thing this morning. Came out great. I also wrote the same info on a Post-It note and stuck/taped it to the back of my driver's licence. Hope it's never needed!
  20. Sorry to hear about the downed rider. Sounds like he got pretty banged up, but glad he'll be OK. Lots of good ideas here. :fing02: Personally, I usually wear a wristband Road ID (www.roadid.com) when riding away from my home area, and it's always in my jacket no matter what. I also have a necklace/dogtag type for cycling and other exercise.
  21. Congrats on hitting the 75k mark! Very cool. :cool: I'm looking forward to hitting the 40k mark later this year on my '04. I hit 30k about a month ago and took a photo of it with my cellph camera. That photo is now my front screen "wallpaper" on the phone! :fing02:
  22. I just got a very clean used CBR900 shock via eBay for my '04. I'll be sending it to Jamie Daugherty to rebuild it, probably install a Gold Valve and swap springs (for my high weight) before it gets installed on my VFR. I'll swap the OEM fork springs for RaceTechs (which are sitting in my garage now) at the same time. I'm expecting huge improvements at both ends!
  23. TimC

    Johnny Law!!!!

    Well, that certainly stinks. :( Sorry to see you got tagged. The local and state LEOs were out in force this weekend. Sat. night while riding home I saw 3 stops in progress in the space of 1 mile on a local highway. :pissed: Glad I've slowed down a bit the last year or so. ;)
  24. TimC

    RWB 5th Gen

    Man, what a great looking VFR! Definitely don't see too many 5th gen's in RWB. Nicely done! :fing02:
  25. TimC

    Fall Dragon Ride

    Ah, the Flying Clavicle Brothers! ;) Just kidding, guys. Nice pic. Hope you're both doing well! :fing02:
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