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  1. Mohawk is nutz! But is awesome at the same time!
  2. Warchild added aux fuel on his blackbird on the passenger area. As far as skill, if Orange County Choppers can cut and weld tanks that do not leak, I am sure an auto body shop with any skill can do it. The guys that weld on the oil pipelines can do 80 or 90 welds a day and might have one leak.
  3. I used the Bazazz ZFi and ZBomb on my 1200. I would have been happy with the Power Ranger, I mean Commander, I don't know anything about the Rapid Bike. It comes down to your abilities as a mechanic, if you are using Auto Tune, if you are using a shop with a Dyno, what software is the shop familiar with, etc
  4. I have 300 km in the bike now and it is SO much more fun to zip around with now. If honda would have shipped them like this in 2010, and made a few minor tweaks, they would have sold a lot more bikes. I have not done much highway so I will see how the mileage is.
  5. I have never done the dyno thing on a FI bike, so it was interesting. I am not sure what all the sheets were he gave me, they have lambda on them, these two are the initial and final result. The bike is a 2010 not 2011 as indicated on the sheet, with the ZBomb and the ZFi tuning module. I only have 10 km on it but it is a different bike, it is not as twitchy on/off at low RPM, and really feels like it hauls now through the powerband. I am not keen on the 3-3-3 gear indicator, but will learn to deal with it. I had him do peel off the body work, install the KN filter, install the ZFi module and ZBomb, and do the dyno runs and put her all together. He did 3.5 hours of dyno time, and I am happy with the results. If it comes through hard to read, run #1 HP was 126.4 to the rear wheel on this machine, and torque was 76.4. This was with GPR slip on with db baffle in, K&N filter, and I think it also was with Z-Bomb in. I forgot to tell him to do a run with and without the Bomb, but I was not in the mood for paying for more dyno time this year! Final run was 146.3 HP and 83.12. with same exhaust and air, and Z-Bomb running. Edit: We are at 1,893 ft here
  6. Since I like reading about these projects, you totally should do it! How is that for random encouragement from the internet?
  7. The VFR 1200 has 43mm USD forks. The riders are also very very cool, from what I have heard. That is all I have to contribute to this thread, thanks for your attention.
  8. 300.00 seems to be the best price out there in internet land, since MSRP is ~350.00. If price point is the only issue, I think you found the best price!
  9. I re-read that and you are correct, sorry! (Harrrrr!) These are only 52 bucks on the big old auction house...
  10. http://www.amazon.com/Cycle-Pirates-Adjustable-Footpeg-Mounting/dp/B0022XJDII/ref=sr_1_1?m=A3TGC5XRRCX4P2&s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1372887527&sr=1-1&keywords=pirates+vfr1200#productDetails Apparently you now can use OEM pegs with the pirate (Haaaarrrrrrrr!)
  11. Helweg post a pic from the rear, if you have time. Just curious to see where this goes...
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