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  1. Wow that's a lot of work! Have you been able to ride it yet with the new parts on? :wheel: Let us know when you do. Looks freakin' sweeeeeeet by the way :beer:
  2. I do like that wing! :fing02:
  3. ccnaylor


    :beer: on that color I love it! (and obviously that exhaust too!)
  4. ccnaylor


    That looks awesome!!! :beer:
  5. ccnaylor


    What a sexy pair! :beer:
  6. ccnaylor

    MN trip 2006

    Trip from IN to MN in 2006
  7. That is one sweet ride! I love it in white. Plus all the stuff you've done to it really make it your own. It's motivating me to paint mine either a nice bright blue or (maybe) rc30 rep colors :thumbsup:
  8. ccnaylor


    I also am a big fan of the VFR in blue. My new to me 02 is red, and I was tossing around the idea of painting it. What is the color and code for your vfr? I like that blue probably the best. :thumbsup:
  9. Just jumping in here a little... :salesman: So do you think it really helps the shifting on your 03? I have an 02 and am always looking for some reason to spend the day with my bike (either on it or under it). I do mostly in town riding with occasional freeway jaunts/ twisties. No track time yet (keyword= yet).
  10. ccnaylor


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