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  1. Yep, I took an extended break as Nick has the VFR now, and I've been without a bike for two years now. I will be changing jobs the first of June and was going to buy a 84,85,or86 Honda Nighthawk but my wife just lost her 80K/year job on Friday, so I aint buying crap now. I'm going to likely "borrow" my old VFR back and use it to commute with. I unfortunately sold the Helibars, Convertibars, and Spiegler riser bar setups, so now I'm going to have to try and locate a set of them, as Nick put the stock bars on it when he got it from me. I went and sat on it today where he has it stored and it's just too far bent over for me, now that I'm almost 58 in a week or so. I'll let you know if I start commuting with it. Glad to hear all the old timers are still here.
  2. Sorry for missing your question, as I've not been active on here for a long time. The first posts stated that I used the Sharkskin race bodywork.. I don't have any drawings of the rear subframe I made unfortunately. Sorry. We still have the bike and are planning a new paint job for this year.
  3. Great paint scheme, Be careful now
  4. Ask and you shall receive! :lobby: I want to put that muffler on everything I own :lobby:
  5. Here is a short video clip of the fire spitting VFR with it's unique Micron Ultralite Titanium muffler ( that weighs 1 1/2 lbs. ) :warranty:
  6. Amit: We need to get together and go to a kart race. Good meeting you. Bring your wife down to look at the house sometime too.

  7. Hello Marty,

    Great meeting you yesterday! Looking forward to hanging out some this year.

    Amit (G)

  8. Hobie1dog


    One hell of a great rider, proud to say I know him. :fing02: All round good guy too.
  9. Hobie1dog

    VFR and ZRX

    :biggrin: my two favorite bikes in exactly those colors....you da man.
  10. the 97 is still on the original plugs....should be good for 80k or so. :offtopic:
  11. Hobie1dog


    Had two of these so far, beautiful, classy looking bikes. Hang on to it, don't ever sell it..unless it's to me. :biggrin:
  12. Thanks for posting that up, I've been thinking about that exact same color combination all week, imagining what it would look like. How did you do your wheels?
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