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  1. This is the second time having it ceramic coated. it helps with the heat from the underseat exhaust. I used a local powdercoating company in Edmonton.
  2. Fixing a little boo-boo from last year, loading into the truck by myself. Dammit Janet! oh well, she’ll be right as rain soon. BTW, it’s not me doing the paintwork.
  3. Have Sebastian CeraKote them, like he did mine. Brake fluid isn’t kind to paint.
  4. And, she runs. started first kick on a 14 year old battery. IMG_6957.MOV
  5. Turned out to be more pink than red, but here we are anyway…..
  6. Finally got all my parts in. Will be assembling on my next days off. Still winter here, so…
  7. Refinished calipers by Sebspeed. All new seals and one new (rear) piston will be installed prior to mounting.
  8. Got the exhaust all bolted up, now waiting on the brakes. Need more parts.
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