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  1. Refinished calipers by Sebspeed. All new seals and one new (rear) piston will be installed prior to mounting.
  2. Got the exhaust all bolted up, now waiting on the brakes. Need more parts.
  3. Oh there’s more stuff in it now! I finished building my shelves, moved in 3 workbenches and all my tools, and a ton of other stuff. that was still in the “during” phase, before I got everything sorted.
  4. Thank you Sir. I spent a year totally rebuilding my garage. New concrete floor, doors, windows, electrical, lighting, heat, insulation and vapour barrier, sheathing and paint.
  5. Complete brake system rebuild, CeraKote calipers by Sebspeed, new seals and brake pads and lines, new clutch hydraulics, coolant flush and fill, and (re)ceramic coat the manky exhaust system.
  6. Haha, OK Curry, if that’s what you say. 11,500 REDLINE in 2nd gear, 30 MPH speed limit, you do the math. LOL
  7. The old girl still got it. After these pics, at about 1 am, I was bombing through the long tunnel under the legislature and ripped it to redline in 1st and second gears. the tunnel was empty except for ONE car at the stoplight at the exit of the tunnel. Turned out to be a COP. He flipped the lights on and off as a warning, but didn’t do anything. He also had his window open, so he MOST certainly heard my exhaust. LOL I rode home very slowly after that and called it an evening.
  8. I was @ 16/44 but went 16/45 just for the stoplights in the city. It’s perfect now.
  9. Trackdays scheduled for July, can’t wait. this is from last year. IMG_8799.MP4
  10. Decided to gear the beast down just a Little bit more for city riding.
  11. Waiting on O-rings from Honda, so I figured I may as well spiff up the engine sidecover a bit...
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