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  1. Waiting on O-rings from Honda, so I figured I may as well spiff up the engine sidecover a bit...
  2. The girls are patiently waiting for spring. 3-4 more weeks until we can ride...
  3. yes sir. New concrete floor and foundation, new doors, windows, wiring, insulation, paint, wall sheathing, lighting, heat, door openers, the works. and I did all the work myself save for the floor and the two overhead doors. the only thing that’s original are the studs, stucco and shingles! what kicked it off was the floor was absolutely shot and the garage had sunk about 4 inches. Water was running under the wall in spring.
  4. Because everyone likes a good before/after shot, this is what I’ve been delving into headfirst. stupid pandemic has been good for making progress anyhow.....
  5. Greetings vifferheads I’ve been absent awhile and buried up to my eyebrows in a total garage rebuild project. 10 months and my largest and most ambitious, expensive project of my life. the end goal of course is fo have a nice place for the bikes to sleep, and of course wrench on them! things still need a little sorting, organizing, and moving things in, but we’re 99% of the way there now. so much so that it’s wrenching time now. since I’m going to a 2 day track event at Area 27 in May, I’d better get a move on. the NON VF
  6. More toys for the RC track weapon. Have been too busy rebuilding my garage at my new old house to do much riding or wrenching but I hope that’ll change soon!
  7. Hey thanks! no, the bikes fueling is totally stock no power commander or anything it runs just fine, no issues at all
  8. Have managed 3 trackdays with the RC so far this year, and maybe one more in September. Loving it!!!
  9. Yeah, wasn’t my fault. Bought it like that. All good now!
  10. While looking through this thread, I couldn’t see any pics of the brake caliper nastiness that I cleaned out about a year ago. This is what 17 year old brake fluid does. And yes yes I did the entire rear brake and clutch systems as well.
  11. Fork seal is all good now, new Brembo discs are F’n awesome, paired with the new SBS sintered pads.
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