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  1. Caution..... I agree with a light smear of anti-seize, but that now becomes a lubricated thread. Torque spec is for a dry fastener, and should be reduced around 20% or more if lubricated. If you go 85 with lubrication, that will be way too much.
  2. Looks like a boss for a dowel pin? Perhaps someone didn't have things lined up when they installed the cover..... Ride it, worry less.
  3. Curious to know the mounting bolt spacing on your Gen6. Also, looks to me like you could (if necessary) swap mounting brackets, or if not needed, just install the right on the left and vice versa, twist the heads the right way... the angle of the arm would go slightly up then....
  4. I usually order the 8125L's as the bleeder hose stays on better.... I order from SpeedBleeder directly, and get their silicone bleeder hose, nothing like it.
  5. You can try this too...... I would prefer that wing in a smaller scale myself.... but you can try a local signmaker, they can duplicate the graphic of your choice in any size, and make a wrap or vinyl (most lighted signs are a piece of plexiglass with a printed vinyl skin/wrap). https://j3graphix.com/product-category/motorcycle-graphics-kits/
  6. Good job on the refurb. I agree the PO didn't flush his brakes..... I do mine annually. YOu might want to check out the clutch slave too.
  7. Thanks MaxSwell, I will test the yellow bike theory.. I know I'll feel younger...... LOL.
  8. You are correct on the situation Grum. If you take say a Mobi1 or OEM and compare it to the latest Purolator or Bosch by looking at the end cap, you'll see the Purolator and Bosch are much shallower. On the FJR, it does have a hex on the threaded adapter, the issue was solved by machining ~.060" off the face of the hex to allow the filter to screw on a bit further.... note, most cars likely don't need as much depth? Dunno. In any case, Vulgar didn't say what filter he had the leak with..... but again, I'll check the depth on my engine when I change my filter.
  9. More of a Yamaha situation where the adapter has a hex (so you can install/remove). From the VFR parts diagram, looks like no hex, it's just a double threaded pipe (as is Suzuki). The issue of not sealing was there was not enough depth for the latest "outie" Purolators and Bosch, thus it would not allow complete compression of the filter's gasket. Merely saying the explanation for a leaking filter on a VFR may be a similar situation of relative depth, I will check further when I get to my next oil change.
  10. New to VFR's but will relate to Purolators or Bosch leaking on my FJR..... not an issue on an ST1300 BTW. A couple of years ago there was a redesign by Purolator (who make the Bosch, owned by Bosch), the end cap was made into an outie vs. the old innie. There isn't enough depth to allow the filter to seal on some bikes, depending on their filter adapter, very simply, you can't screw it on far enough to compress the seal enough. So, I'm not sure what the filter adapter on a VFR is depth-wise into the block... the fix of course is to use somebody else's filters. On the FJR, removed the filter adapter, shaved some material off the face of the hex..... by the parts diagrams, doesn't look like the Honda one has a hex... hmmm. PS - I have cut apart a few filters, will say that Calsci data is old and incorrect. I would not recommend today's Supertech's from Walmart, manufacturer has changed, they are crap now. Champion is gone.
  11. Here's a blue one for sale not too far from me.... https://vfrworld.com/threads/2001-vfr-blue-ontario-gta.57568/
  12. First I know nothing of the VFR brakes, but the ST1300, Goldwing and CBF1000 have similarly linked systems I'm familiar with. By your description, when the pedal is hard at first, sounds like the front middle piston may not be moving the pads.... at least until you pull the lever, then you have all the pistons acting on the pads..... they move, your pedal goes down. You've rebuilt the calipers, so I'd think you paid attention to ensuring nothing is binding in the slides and pins, pistons are moving freely, pads are not binding (some aftermarket ones need a tweak with a file)...... I'd double check all that, kinda leaves the proportioning or metering valve..... but if you bled it successfully, maybe not. I'd just recheck everything in detail and let us know how it goes. I'll have to refresh my memory on how the SMC plays into the picture, I know on ST's if it acts up, the rear brake can have issues of not releasing.
  13. Has anyone explored the straight rate spring options from RaceTech or some of the other North American suppliers like Sonic and Traxxion? A spring upgrade is likely on my list.......
  14. Welcome... like me, I'm new but looking forward to all the fun.
  15. Thanks again..... I do hope to be riding when I'm 84, so I have time! A friend advised a couple of years ago to downsize while you're still able to ride, and enjoy it for the next 10 years rather than "have to" quit because of a heavy bike. Makes sense to me, I know I'll have to give it up one day...... The whole reason for buying the CBF1000 was to shed weight, lost 150 lbs over the FJR... the CBF is one of the smoothest power trains out there with nice torque all through the range... nothing like it to me (except maybe a Bandit 1200/1250. I expect the VFR to be slightly more sporty in it's power delivery but still smooth enough running (V4's are awesome!). It may not get equal time with the CBF, but I'm sure I'll have fun..... I can imagine me trailering both to the great roads of North Carolina and having a ball for a week or so. I always thought of the Viffers as having a more Euro/Oz/Canadian following as were the Biffers.... happy the VFR made it to the US market, means I can find parts! I did some homework on the Crossrunner last night... darn we didn't get that here as I'd kinda like to know what the modern version is like..... along with the most recent VFR800's, but we'll save that for a year or two maybe. Sweeper, I have a couple of good (FJR) friends from AL, I'll keep an eye out for the Memorial Ride.
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