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  1. Too bad the Crossrunner never made it to Canada or the US...... I'd really like to try one.
  2. Usually, just give them a light sideways tap from both sides if you can with a hammer just to loosen the very snug fit to the dowels... I have a plastic head hammer for such things.
  3. If you don't have any pressure at the lever at all, it may mean the master cylinder was run dry and needs priming... loosen that banjo up there and get the flow started. Then, bleed as normal... zip tie the lever to the handlebar and leave overnight, this gets bubbles in the line to rise and purge themselves.
  4. The LED bulb and fan pull out of the mounting base, and have a wire with a driver (power supply) which stays external (tie wrap it somewhere). Install the mounting base and clip it in with the wire bail, then your headlight's rubber boot, then insert the bulb into the mounting base through the hole in the rubber boot. Makes sure the reflector shields on the LED are pointing/reflecting up....... the wire will be then pointing down. But before you order, make sure of the type of bulb you have.... if it looks like an H4/9003 then order that kit. IF you have the standard Honda halogen of the past, then you'll have to remove the two lower tabs off the mounting base of the new bulbs.... practice on an old H4 bulb if you like. You will see the lower two tabs won't quite fit where Honda put theirs. No worries, it isn't going anywhere.... I'd expect you'd likely have to do similar to put in HID.
  5. Thank you, sir! I had a better look today and going to agree with you 2" is likely enough, I might go 3" and think I can hide the extra length easy enough...... I'm going to look again tomorrow just to convince myself. I should just put the Convertibars on and be done with it, but I have to do steering head bearings...... cool beans.
  6. I am about to install a set of Convertibars risers on my 5th Gen, most likely going to order stainless lines..... question is for those who've done it with risers before, do I need to order longer than stock length for the brake/clutch, and if so, how much... 3" longer? Hoping to do this the lazy way and ask one of you..... I could go do some measuring but was hoping I could get the lines ordered. Thanks in advance.
  7. I don't know what the VFR1200 has for OEM bulbs, but if the OEM Honda ones used on ST1300, etc. they are a hybrid. One can fit H4/9003 by cutting the two lower tabs off. I wouldn't go HID, that's old school now. Have had excellent luck with LED's and recommend these either from Ebay or AliExpress... although stuff will be slow coming from China these days... These were developed with the help of a lighting engineer on the ST forum, to make them as close as possible to DOT compliant, and no LED is certified to be yet. I'm on my fourth set in four bikes so far. There are other LED's as well..... all are getting there these days. https://www.ebay.com/itm/H4-9003-F2-LED-Headlight-72W-12000LM-Cree-Chips-White-6000K-Driving-H-L-Bulbs/143055112163?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  8. If you want slimmer, and are into fabbing up the mounts, have a look at the bags on a Yamaha Tracer GT. The bases are exact same as an FJR but with "city" lids which have a flatter profile... Upper mounting brackets I believe are available (used on ebay) for the FJ09. Basically the bags hang with two "hooks" but need a lower mount.
  9. Maybe..... not sure I should hang around with you VTEC guys...... I have a busy spring.... bike is all apart right now getting ready. Lone Star Texas Grill on Dixon/427?
  10. Try Warm&Safe, look for panel mount sockets, and I'd go with the coax as it is smaller format than Powerlet. They do have some Powerlet (BMW) sockets as well. https://www.warmnsafe.com/ https://www.warmnsafe.com/collections/accessories-cables/products/coax-jack-panel-mount
  11. Good to know..... I'd be more inclined to put on Givi V36/37 or maybe Shad. Try Kappa racks, Givi's with a discount.
  12. Yeah, you came to the wrong place for advice, LOL. We're good at spending other people's money on bikes.... I understand in the case of VFR's wanting more than one... my mode thus far is one bike for travelling, the VFR for fun. Now, didn't the later VFR's fix all the so-called VTEC issues? I can see me getting that '14/'15 one day to supplement my 5th Gen.... Yep, better send the SO for your parts, if not, take that test ride.... but also keep in mind, there's always a deal out there if you're patient. Def I'd keep the 5th Gen.... was that helpful?
  13. This will help you count hoses.... note the 2 extra for '00-'01 wax motor. https://www.as3performance.co.uk/silicone-radiator-hoses/road/honda/vfr-800/
  14. Shorai was one of the first, but I hear good things about Earth-X if one is going the Lithium route. I can get 6-7 years out of an OEM Yuasa, prolly get 5 years out of the aftermarket Yuasa, that's about $20 a year and totally recyclable unlike Li.
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