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  1. RedBoll

    Creede Colorado

    WOW! That looks amazing.
  2. RedBoll


    WOW! Very nice!
  3. RedBoll


    Very nice!
  4. RedBoll


    Multiple generations together. 😍 RC36II was my first (private) motorcycle. So much great memories.
  5. RedBoll

    My 2004 vtec

    Photo taken at Kinderdijk?
  6. Just some day touring in The Netherlands on the dykes next to the Lek and Hollandsche IJssel and on the roads in between them in a area called Krimpenerwaard. This is one of the "greenest" parts of the Netherlands. Most roads here have a speed limit of 60kph (37mph) and have speedbumps though so no racing, just touring en enjoying the weather and views. https://www.google.com/maps/@51.9467659,4.7663532,13z Here are 2 video's captured with a helmet mounted HERO7 and 1 one video fooling around with a Insta360 One X one monopod mount. 1. 2. 3.
  7. Just some pictures and my first experience with the SW Motech Quick-lock Evo City Tankbag (11-15 Ltr.). I think it looks very good on the bike. 🙂 The "side pockets" are very small though, even for (sun)glasses in a small case they are too tight. When I was backing up into a parking spot with the handle bar fully locked the horn button touched the left side pocket of the pocket. 😞 That was a bit awkward. This will not happen when that left side pocket is empty. Check the Sw-Motech site for more info : https://sw-motech.com/en/bike/HONDA/VFR1200X/2014/ALL/products/luggage/tank+bags/EVO+tank+bag/4052572042748.htm For longer trips I am still looking for some (tail bag) luggage options. Maybe one or more bags from the Kriega US line.
  8. WOW! Very very good looking! The less shiny things the better. 😎
  9. RedBoll

    VFR's .jpg

    The V4 family comes in many shapes. 🙂 This version of the Crossrunner looks much better then the first model.
  10. RedBoll

    The Bonang

    Motorcycles say: Increase speed!
  11. RedBoll

    Quarry Rd tunnel

    This version of the VFR800 never get's old.
  12. Just a short clip of my first ride on the 2014 VFR1200X (DCT) after I picked it up from the dealership. Previous motorcycle was a 2003 CBR1100XX Superblackbird so this is quite a different cup of tea but I really love the upright riding position and DCT. Still looking for spots to attach a action cam on this bike. For now I used a chest mount, not the best angle. 😐
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