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  1. After purchasing my VFR the hunt was on to find the right pipe. IMHO the stock VFR pipe sounds like a twin below 4000 rpm. After 4000 and all is good but quiet. I tried a Delkevic slip-on and that lasted about 30 minutes. Unfortunately, I thought the stock can sounded better. After hearing every sound clip I could find, I took a chance and picked up this CF pipe from Scorpion. The only sound clip I could find was on their web site with the bike on a dyno. They really don't claim much of a HP increase. I really like this pipe. To my ears it sound great through the whole rev range. If you want loud this is probably not the pipe for you, but if you want something more refined. This is as good as it gets IMHO. I tour on this bike so the pipe needed to fit with the oem hard bags. The bottom of the case touches the top of the pipe so I did have to make an adjustment to my case by removing a small spot welded part on the heat shield. I believe its just a small pad to keep the case level to the ground when it's off the bike. Everything fits perfectly now but that was almost a deal breaker. This pipe comes with a baffle and I tried it both ways. It sounds good to me either way, If you like more volume just remove the baffle. The fit and finish is exceptional and to me it looks like it belongs on the bike.
  2. 900 miles in the first week of ownership. This ones a keeper!!!
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