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  1. Can someone please tell me where the cam pulse generator connector plugs into. A picture might help. Thanks.
  2. Here's my question. If you are disconnecting the Pair valve solenoid and blocking off the hose to the air box couldn't you in theorytake the solenoid out completely and marry the front and rear hoses together?
  3. I recently through testing that I had a bad stator and replaced it. I installed it the same way that it came out, or so I thought. When I removed the stator I noticed that the wires that are held down by the bracket were pinched and exposed and I assume are the reason for the failure. My question is this, other than the obvious wherein I pinched the wires has anyone made this mistake and am I just tightening the bracket down too much and or installing it wrong. I've incuded photos for reference. Any help is greatly appreciated.By the way I'm a bit embarrassed as I am usually more thorough. I just added a photo of how I had it installed.
  4. It does now, I had to put some thought into it but it does now. Thanks for the help.
  5. Kia Ora mate. Thanks very much for The Drill. I'll go through it and report back. What a coincidence, I lived in Keri Keri for a spell back in 2008. At the time I was with my then Maori girlfriend and our little Maori princess. I've never been to a more beautiful place with such awesome people, sweet as mate. Here are some pics of my girls and our back garden in Keri Keri. Cheers and thanks for the help
  6. Help! Recently I was riding as usual and noticed my battery was starting to die. It did eventually die. I started the usual testing of stator and RR. Here is a picture of my stator which I did replace. Still no charging. I then purchased and installed a new RR. Still no charging and I found that with the RR whether the key is on or off I am getting power from the RR black wire. I will admit to having limited knowledge in this area and limited funds so any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Darin
  7. This is my baby that needs a little help. I have a working PCIII power commander with the serial port. I downloaded the Coyze Map and when I tried to open it said it wasnt supported and I was unable to open it. Any updated versions out there or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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