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  1. I could not find a taller windshield... Not sure they make them anywhere for 5th gen any more... had to go with the little add-on wing at the top of the windshield... worked perfectly for me... but is not as nice looking as a full windshield... If you find one let me know too...
  2. I gotta tell ya that this is a hard choice I like both very much and it would be a hard call... not sure you can go wrong...
  3. Just a small note. Having the Givi top frame is needed for the side frames and cases. I had to buy that just so I could I do the side cases even though I did not want a top case... So it's a good thing. It sounds like you have most of what you need... might think about a GPS if you are doing some tours...
  4. I bought mine with twice as many miles and have loved every minute of owning it. Mine has the black wheels, never thought about stripping them... I added gel pad, cramp buster and risers and for my height I am putting a windshield wing... Will get a matching corbin seat and then figure out what I want next... these are awesome motorcycles!
  5. I feel your pain... I am keeping my eye out as well... No luck so far.
  6. Thank you for sharing your story. I am inspired to try some longer runs...
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