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  1. Hey everyone, Just wanted to get some input on paint jobs before I go ahead with this. Which do you prefer? (yes I know, the second image is the 25 year anniversary paint job that belongs on the 2007 and not my 1998. If anyone believes I’ll have issues with that, let me know)
  2. Hey thanks! I’ve bought from that site before (a replacement brake lever). I was pretty satisfied before. Searching for cowls will definitely help. I wasn’t sure what that part was called.
  3. Hey everyone, I ride a 1998 VFR800FI, the stock red color currently. Before I bought it, the bike was totaled and then repaired so it is an R title bike. I’m not sure exactly what happened when it was totaled, but my guess is that it was laid on its side. The fairing in the front/side that houses the turn signals is cracked right beside the signals. Where the two fairings underneath the bike connect is also damaged slightly. I’d like to replace at least one fairing, maybe even both. I do plan to repaint the bike in the future (a separate discussion on which paint job to go with if you’re interested in participating). Does anyone know the best place to purchase a fairing? I’m willing to buy directly from Honda for more expense, but if anyone knows of another option then any help would be much appreciated!
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