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  1. Bet you had/have lot of bike with aftermarket suspensions 🤣
  2. Fg are not bad , but they have no öhlins high quality ( and spare parts are a bit PITA )
  3. Already performed the clutch initialize learning procedure? For such issues you must have an error code . ( way different to the check engine light) Will be also nice if you are gonna to present you on the right area ....
  4. No problems , also i image you will not drive around with -15
  5. Normal cooler it´s little , dct bigger , swap it´s possible and direct , need to replace the central front panel with the correct one and one cooling line .
  6. This unit it´s stand alone https://www.sportbiketrackgear.com/healtech-honda-vfr1200f-fd-10-15-quickshifter-easy/
  7. If you need a color copy from older or newest just drop me a P.M.
  8. you can search "DCT Clutch Initialize Learning"
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