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  1. Ghostrider1127

    Most performance from suspension upgrade

    Fg are not bad , but they have no öhlins high quality ( and spare parts are a bit PITA )
  2. Ghostrider1127

    ABS malfunction on 2016 bike.

    Would be nice to know how this ended...
  3. Already performed the clutch initialize learning procedure? For such issues you must have an error code . ( way different to the check engine light) Will be also nice if you are gonna to present you on the right area ....
  4. Ghostrider1127

    F vs. DCT radiator

    No problems , also i image you will not drive around with -15
  5. Ghostrider1127

    F vs. DCT radiator

    Normal cooler it´s little , dct bigger , swap it´s possible and direct , need to replace the central front panel with the correct one and one cooling line .
  6. Ghostrider1127

    Most performance from suspension upgrade

    step 2.0 , get some carbon rims
  7. Ghostrider1127

    7th Generation Quickshifter

    Fitting is not that difficult
  8. Ghostrider1127

    7th Generation Quickshifter

    This unit it´s stand alone https://www.sportbiketrackgear.com/healtech-honda-vfr1200f-fd-10-15-quickshifter-easy/
  9. Ghostrider1127

    7th Generation Quickshifter

    Got a pc5 with QS .
  10. Ghostrider1127

    Wiring diagram 2012 XRunner?

    If you need a color copy from older or newest just drop me a P.M.
  11. Ghostrider1127

    Most performance from suspension upgrade

    good choice with öhlins
  12. Ghostrider1127

    What Slip on for a 2013 1200F?

    DAM 😁
  13. Ghostrider1127

    Have fairings changed at all?

    better "V4 bande"
  14. Ghostrider1127

    Wiring diagram in colour

    No problem , here in PDF A3 format: no DCT after 11.pdf

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