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  1. 4 Lug Axle To 5 (Vfr1200 Wheel Conversion)

    Offset between 800 and 1200 it´s different , that´s the main problem , i wrote it already here in the forum ....
  2. RC30 Arai, who's gonna buy it?

    The only HJC i got (test) was let water inside from air duct , never used again . Gave as present to a friend last year.

    Here no such company unluckily , i had to repair alone my units
  4. 1200F PGM-Fi Warning Light - help

    Will try to wrote it down clean : disconnect the battery for more than 10 minutes connect back the battery start the bike and let it idle , WITHOUT touch the throttle till cooling fan switch on and off . switch bike off end That´s honda procedure for the Ride by Wire system we are using . Hope that´s could be helpful
  5. 1200F PGM-Fi Warning Light - help

    Forget HDS pocket , for full correct diagnostic , PC , honda diagnostic programm and bosch/honda unit are what you need.
  6. Fake Ohlins forks

  7. Cat removal

    Not much to translate , just look at the pictures...
  8. Cat removal

  9. Wind deflector question.

    1200f and x , 800f and x , africa twin 1000 (most of the time problems was only for bikes with clips on BTW)
  10. Wind deflector question.

    oem heated grips malfunction : a lot was recall from honda directly due problems , also replaced free of charge (even after 5-6 years)
  11. what's that electrical connector?

    Keys are programmed wiring a plug to pick-up connector service check connectors are red and with 4 pins May a picture will help.....
  12. 2018 CB1000R

    Will get my CB in april
  13. Flywheel degree key

  14. 5 lug wheel compatibility

    nothing .... kawasaki zxr750 and zx7r are 35 mm offset but forks are 52 mm ........... did not remember that
  15. 5 lug wheel compatibility

    I have 1200 F and X , cb1000r , vfr 750 rc36-1 ,vfr 800 rc 46 and 800 rc 79/rc80

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