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  1. 07VFR03TLR

    What Slip on for a 2013 1200F?

    Thanks for the info. Depending on the DBs I may go with the Coffman. Did you guys remove the cable, and if you did, how hard is it to get to? I have large hands. Thanks, Bill PS: love the punisher decals where the Honda badge is. I may need to do that to mine.
  2. 07VFR03TLR

    What Slip on for a 2013 1200F?

    After looking at various sites I just don't see a ton of options for a slip on exhaust for a 2013 1200F. I really don't want to spend $800 for an Akro pipe. What do you all run and how do you like them? Also, what did you do about the exhaust flapper cable? Thanks, Bill
  3. 07VFR03TLR

    Tires again !!

    I'm ready to replace mine as well. My last set of tires I bought went on the Bking, Q3s. I really don't ride long distances, except when I picked up the VFR last fall, Chicago to Missouri and back in the same day. Very stupid. Rode the ZX14R there and did the deal and rode back. That's when I realized that the stock tires just suck. Recommendations?
  4. Hi 07VFR03TLR, Thank you for your donation of $25.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion

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