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  1. Maybe so, however, got to admit the new paint scheme turned out very, very nice so that makes it easy to look at.
  2. Thanks jay-d for the pics and write-up. Used this weekend to change pads and flush/bleed all of system. Did not have speed bleeders or mightyvac and did old school way but had helper (a must) and seemed to work fine. Does take some time and patience but not as bad as I anticipated. One tip I could add is to use part of the spanner wrench in factory tool kit as a spacer to put in between the pads while front caliper is removed. It is almost the same width as rotor and fits nicely in there. Saves time from trying to find some piece of scrap material that is correct width to use.
  3. I like beer

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      "I like beer, it makes me a jolly good fellow"

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