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  1. I tried installing a ZG screen ~5 years ago and at that time many people were having trouble with fitment (breaking tabs) during installation. Same thing happened for me (they replaced it and I sold it). I went with a Puig screen and love it (no fitment issues and does a decent job of wind management). The ZG screen is more of a smoke color and the Puig is more of a dark ink color. Just my $0.02.
  2. RRM

    6th Gen Refresh

    I agree...India Pale Ale (in limited quantity) does help with the procedure. Cheers, R.
  3. RRM

    6Th Gen Seat Lock Removal?

    Excellent...i will go investigate. Thank you 94!
  4. Hi all, I am trying to remove the rear fender (the entire fender, not just the license plate part) so that I can remove my rear shock with remote pre-load. I have searched and cannot find any tips on removing the seat lock mechanism (this is the part I'm stuck on). I am installing a Ohlins rear shock (also with remote pre-load) and do not want to separate the pre-load and shock from each other. How do I get the seat lock undone? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Wow Switchblade...now THAT is some filter area! How long has the Piper Cross filter been lasting in your bike? I assume you find the air box clean and it is doing it's job. Thanks, R.
  6. Hey guys, I thought I would start contributing to this forum. So after looking through lots of posts I found a off-hand reference to Sprint Air Filters. After reading their website I was convinced of: better air flow, will last forever, consistent air flow over time, better filtration, and the potential that you could walk on water After I received the filter, I got to the installation. Installation is easy (of course with help from this site with detailed descriptions and pictures)...well, sort of. Since the filter has a rigid frame that surrounds the filter element, it does not have any "wiggle" room. I spent a good amount of time trying to get this to work and making sure it was not operator error. Well, it does not fit. Below is a picture with the left and front sides seated in the groove and the rest that hangs out. Obviously it does not fit. I was surprised that the filter area was smaller than stock: So since it did not fit, I decided to stick with the stock air filter. I was happy that there was no residue or grit in my air box when I removed the stock filter. I wanted to protect the air intake more than get any "performance" gain. I bought the filter from PJ's parts. I have to say they were AWESOME to work with. The filter took a while to get here, but they always kept me up to date. In addition, when it came time to return the filter, they were very motivated to "make it right". They had mentioned that Sprint would want to send me another filter, but I was concerned about the mould issue and wanted to get on with the riding. Once again, did not work out on the filter, but they were great to work with. Here is a photo looking through the filter: Maybe Sprint will work this out, but I did not want to wait. Ride safe! RRM

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