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  1. What height are you and do you have bar risers fitted? I read somewhere that the taller screen can take the wind off your chest area and direct it onto your head, the wind on the body keeps the weight of the wrists, it's very hard to get it right, I have an MRA touring screen on my 5th gen now, this one doesn't have the spoiler. been looking at the givi d200s, the wind noise when I go down below 3/4 tuck now is very bad. I'm 6'1", 32 inch inseam, bike is standard apart from 20mm bar risers and I lowered the pegs 1"
  2. The filter is easy to get but not easy to get to, tank off fuel pump out to access it, I wouldn't bother if the bike is running well and the tank looks clean inside.
  3. Unless my shock had packed in I wouldn't be looking for one either, for normal riding the showa unit does the job fine for me anyway,but I'm no Rossi.
  4. I'll never understand why they put vtec in a motorcycle, it's just a wrong idea from the start.
  5. Have you still got these for sale?
  6. Does the Deauville 650 top yoke fit a 5th gen?
  7. I fitted 20mm bar risers similar to genmars, happy enough so far but I might still go down this route at some stage.
  8. Question for VFR4LEE, have you any issue with the brake and clutch cylinders hitting the inside of the screen at full lock, I was reading a thread on another forum where a guy with a 6th gen was having issues with it, but he had the superbike bar, lsl recommend the flat bar with the 5th gen kit I see.
  9. Thinking of going for the Lsl kit with the higher superbike bars, does anyone know if it's the ST1100 or ST1300 cables that fit a 5th gen? I might consider fitting renthal 756 bars instead of the Lsl bars in the Lsl risers, I wonder if the 756 is much higher.
  10. If I just fit helibars will the stock cables grips etc fit ok?
  11. What parts would I need,or would be good to have at hand just in case along with the new stat, to replace the stat on a 5th gen? thanks.
  12. What are the advantages of the hugger, my last 5th gen had one, this one doesn't, just wondering is it worth the expense and hassle of fitting one,I might get the fender extender.
  13. Thanks, I'm using internet explorer, the 'Like this' button doesn't work sometimes either.
  14. Check out Bs-motoparts.com in Germany Nick, for some reason I can't use the quote function or copy and paste a link on this site? anyone any idea why that is?
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