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  1. Unless my shock had packed in I wouldn't be looking for one either, for normal riding the showa unit does the job fine for me anyway,but I'm no Rossi.
  2. If you look up the specs the crossrunner isn't a small bike either, I've ridden both and if it were me I'd be going for the convenience of the shaft drive on the crosstourer, pity they haven't put cruise control on it. a set of clamps and the bars of another bike might solve your problem but personally I think those types of bars don't look right on a vfr800,but it's your bike so that's your choice.
  3. I wouldn't worry about valves unless the bike was hard to start and I couldn't find another cause.
  4. I wonder if the stuff like Redex actually does any good or is it just snake oil? https://www.holtsauto.com/redex/products/petrol-system-cleaner
  5. Thanks Joel,stock gearing will do me, I think this kit might do my job, I asked the seller what size the chain is, it has the rubber damped front sprocket, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honda-VFR800-F-98-01-DID-JT-Quiet-Chain-And-Sprocket-Kit/192801808473
  6. I need to buy a good lift, I have plenty of space so the standard type lift will be fine, anyone have any recommendations in Ireland/UK?
  7. What's the thinking on gearing? or is it best to stick with stock? I'm looking now for a chain and sprocket kit, trying to find one with the rubber dampened front sprocket, is it a 530 chain I'm after?
  8. This thread reminds me why I don't bother much with forums anymore🤔
  9. I suppose it's not the kill switch if you hear the fuel pump priming, side stand switch maybe?
  10. You'll find an awful lot of things are made in China nowadays and a lot of the components in stuff that is assembled elsewhere, I use Hi Flo filters. air and oil, not sure where they are made but they work fine.
  11. I'll never understand why they put vtec in a motorcycle, it's just a wrong idea from the start.
  12. I'm thinking of fitting the Lust racing frame sliders/crash bungs whatever you call them, they make good stuff, might help in the event of a small slide. hope that never happens obviously. http://www.lustracing.co.uk/honda-VFR750-VFR800-fairing-crash-protectors.html
  13. Have you still got these for sale?
  14. you need the top box rack as well, you could cut it off just behind where it bolts to where the grab handles are, I'm not a fan of top boxes either but they are very handy.
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