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  1. Sorry, no idea but it didn't feel much different from the stocker.
  2. Since I got this extra wheel for my speedy I thought I'd see what it would look like on the VFR. I use the term "on" very loosely as it doesn't fit and would need major modifications to work but it looks good to me.
  3. Correction: that link is for 1&1/8 inch bar mounts (oversized). I used a standard bar (7/8th inch) and IIRC it was part # 4091 but I'm not completely sure. Been too long ago.....


  4. My apologies for the incredibly late reply. I used tag metals:

    http://www.revolutionspowersports.com/Tag-Metals-OPTIONAL-BAR-MOUNTS-detail.htm?productId=8867503 but shop around for better price than these guys. I used a renthal 755 bar. Drilled upper triple and re-routed brake/clutch lines around a bit but otherwise bolt on and go.

    Good Luck!


  5. I just bought a 2007 VFR800 with HeliBars, but would consider changing them to use handlebars. I saw an old post that you made and liked that setup. See:

    Anyway, if you still have that setup, or can remember how you did all that, please let me know. I have some questions.


  6. The 4gen has both a fuel level gauge and "reserve" light. The cbr1000 gauge only has a low fuel light. So, on the schematic you will need to trace the three vfr wires coming from the tank sending unit and see which one goes to the reserve bulb. That's the wire you'll connect to the the cbr unit. You don't need to buy or adapt anything. The other two vfr wires won't be used. The cbr low fuel light should come on with about 1 gal left. Good luck and lets see some pics!
  7. Yeah, I was thinking more of the USD fork guys. When mounting these fork clamps above the triple to add handelbars, the benefit I immediately see is not having to drill the top bridge (triple) to mount risers for handlebars in the typical fashion. The negative I see is having to cut up a perfectly good set of handle bars BEFORE one is certain they will like the results thus it can't return for another set and they are effectively ruined. Another area of concern is with wide mounting points that unless you use a flat drag style bar (and what would be the point of that?), the overall bar width increases even more than standard handlebars. When I added handlebars to both my 4 and 6gen VFR's I cut them both shorter. Granted I know he is not simply cutting them in half and bolting them in. Rather he did cut some of the middle out but there still needs to be enough straight section left before the rise for clamping purposes. I'm guessing this method is adding two maybe three inches of additional width over the traditional method. It's hard to tell from just one pic though. I hope this doesn't sound like I'm dissing the idea/concept rather I see it as another tool in the chest of the modders' arsenal but I think it does need some further thought and "testing". Go for it Seb!
  8. :angry: on thinking outside the box. But in terms of an alternative to bikes with stock fairings, I don't think it would be as versatile as one might think mainly because of the clamp location. Being in front of the forks and below the triple is quiet a disadvantage to overcome when you want to add both rise and pull back yet still clear the fairing uppers. BTDT In my experience, the higher and further back you can start the easier it is. Now if the idea is too keep the clip on type of forward reach but with a tad more height (still remain inside fairing uppers; no trimming, etc), this should work OK. For streetfighters with little or no upper fairings, they won't have this limitation so the skies the limit. I'm thinking ape hangers!
  9. Don't tell me that Miguel's bike? It can't be, right? WTH happen here Kevin? Is he OK?
  10. Jordan, Simply adding SS lines won't eliminate the LBS system but will; however, improve your braking feel. You can search here and the interweb in general for ways to "de-link" the system as that subject has been around just about as long as LBS has. Basically, it's not as simple/easy as you'd think; especially on the 6gen.
  11. Hmmm...would that be snake oil? :goofy: He turned me into a newt! I.....ummm...... I got better.
  12. Yeah, lets see the nitty-gritty details. GOOD JOB! :tour: Oh, and here's a thread that might be of interest to you :goofy: :smile: :
  13. I would think you might have issues with the side radiator airflow and cbr fairings. RC51's have side rads but one member (Kevin Perham) said they don't fit. Dunno' myself.
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