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  1. A m8 of mine on another site had this done over here. I'd need to ask him how it went though. I have a feeling he changed it back to stock operation.
  2. Skids

    Sunny Hunny Apr 11

    21 bikes, beautiful weather and fantastic Norfolk (UK) roads. Great fish 'n' chips by the seaside.
  3. Skids


    From the album: Sunny Hunny Apr 11

  4. Skids


    From the album: Sunny Hunny Apr 11

  5. From the album: My babies

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  6. I have used a Scottoiler for 10 years on my Fi-W and whilst it is pretty much maintenance free, there is still quite a bit of oil fling onto the license plate even at the minimum setting. When I bought my 08 Vtec last year, I was recommended to try Wurth Dry Lube and I have to admit that I far prefer it to the Scottoiler. No fling, no dirt accumulating on the chain which remains clean and only needs a quick spray every 500miles or so.
  7. I've witnessed some heated debates regarding K&N replacement filters, along the lines of: K&N allow the engine to breathe more, but that's because the holes are bigger and this let's more/bigger particles into the engine which can't be good for the engine and that K&N's can be cleaned, thus saving money over stock filters. I don't know what the collective wisdom over here is. [shrug.gif]
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    Vtec 1.jpg

    From the album: My babies

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    My VFR 1.jpg

    From the album: My babies

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    Bike & GR4.jpg

    From the album: My babies

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