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  1. First figure out why the bearing did go out . Is there an obstruction in one of the main oil bearing supply chanals ? Clean the engine very very good !!! Use new conrod bolts !!
  2. Fotodadi i hope Honda will supply you a new engine. Good luck.
  3. It is possible to dyno a DCT. You have to fool de ECU : take the ABS sensor and sensor ring. Make an interface ring and holder and attach them on the rear wheel. The ecu "thinks" that the front wheel is turning and the DCT will shift gears. I have dynoed my mates DCT it took some effort but we have managed it
  4. For overall improvement of the driveability a PC-v gives the most noticed improvement overall on a 2010 and 2011 VFR1200f. Go for a custommap forget auto tune.
  5. The chart makes it look as if there is upwards of 50 untapped hp in 2nd gear if you decide to roll on it... I would think that for a light to light race, this mod is going to make this bike significantly quicker....? The difference restricted / un restricted is not that big. In all day use say touring around the block the difference is not so clear. But if you go into the mountains and you ride in a more sports style out of hairpins, the difference is very clear. The torque low down is always present. Just as to be expect with a 1200 cc engine. I have fiited an akrapovic exhaust and a PC-v. The oem lazyness lowdown is completely gone. Power output is far more liniair. So driveability has improved a lot. That is what i needed. Why is the mod not working on a DCT model ? The aswer is simpel. If the ecu or the rider has chosen 1st gear the ecu has to know if the gear change was sucsesfull and ready. ( It is a closed loop system ). If you remove the feedback ( do the mod ) the ecu gets no feedback its waiting if the gear change was made. The DCT will not make another gear change . So a work arround is not easy you will need a "fooling" ecu that gets the gearchange triggers from the main DCT ecu. I did manage to get the gear indicator right even with the mod applied. I have decoded the link between the ecu the tach unit and the gearposition switch. It needed a pic processor and some C++ programming to get it working.
  6. What an interesting news. The derestriction of the 1st and 2nd gear has been around here on this forum for almost 2 year.
  7. The 2012 has tranction control so 1st and 2nd gear are not restricted any more. And fueling is improved by Honda, so the need for a PC-v or Z bomb is gone, as long you use the OEM exhaust.
  8. Derestriction on a dct does not work. The ecu has to know wich gear is selected. For manual transmission the mod works great. Effect on milleage yes if you use the bike hard i will consume more fuel.
  9. This topic is about derestriced 1st and 2nd gear. Not about exhausts. So mod ......................
  10. Any news about the availability of the connectors for the plug able derestrictor ?
  11. What do you mean with a little more than a powercommander ? What are the differences ?
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