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  1. I agree... WooHoo, I am somebody! Thanks Larry! Is your name in the phone book?
  2. Rush2112

    Tahoe Nov 2015

    That's a beautiful pic... I think I was on that road in a rental car on a business trip last year and all I kept thinking was I wish I had my bike... it's a Y2K 5th gen too!
  3. Hope you heal quick and fully... I'm don't disagree on your oil logic, I'm collecting UOA data from Blackstone on 5w30 M1 right now and will extend the change interval as the reports indicate. On the other hand, I won't extend it very far (>8k miles) since the bike takes only a couple qts of oil... might try changing out the oil filter and letting the oil ride on and see what the test results show. Did that on my Acura a few times and it is still running strong at >205k miles.
  4. Oops's your that's dino.. The Doc is right... Rotella T6 5w-40 is full synthetic, the Rotella T 15w-40 is dino diesel engine oil. What XRCRIS posted was his report from a sample of Rotella T 15w-40 dino oil That is really kind of my point related to 3k oil changes in general. A huge waste of money and an Excellant Marketing Champaign by the oil Co's. Let's just focus on the Honda VFR here. Honda Engineer's recomended 8k oil change intervals with Dino oil and if you follow any oil test reports Honda Branded Oil usually rates towards the bottom of quality list in most any oil comparo test. Now let me put my simple mind to this issue starting only with a few facts first: 1- Honda produces high quality products 2- Honda engineers design those products 3- Honda engineers recommend 8k dino oil change intervals 4- Honda dino oil test in bottom half of quality testing(see about any test results) 5- Full Syn oil consistently test out better in all catigories vs dino oil ( to simplify only use info from top 5 Full Syn and top 5 dino oil from testing) btw no Honda oil on either list, Now let me start some simple conjecture: Honda engineers are comfy running their (lower quality) Branded dino at 8 k intervals, so by using a better quality dino oil like even the Rotella T mentioned here these same Honda engineers should easily approve 9k intervals using the better oil. Yes? Full Syn oil consistently runs longer intervals while performing as good or more often better then similar dino's. Yes? Now add together Honda engineered recommended 8k intervals, higher quality oil and now make it a high quality full syn oil and what intervals would you think those Honda engineers would recommend. Just by using my simple mind, these 5 simple facts that are laided out above and the slightest amount of realistic conjecture I have some serious backing to be very comfortable changing my oil with a top 5 rated dino oil at 8k intervals. I run Mobil 1 and am very happy with 6-8k intervals and have hit 10k once, wish I would have tested it!!! All intervals can be adjusted up or down based on other factors like how, where, temps, how many 4th gear wheelies, etc. but in general I consider any sub 5k interval severe over indulgence. Peace Out and Save the Dinosaurs! PS I'm Old and Slow but still run the piss out of my bikes and I've put over 105,000 miles on this one so far. BR Dude... it was 75 F in Nashville today... what are you doing on a Winter blues oil thread???Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  5. Rush2112


    Nice looking 8th gen... is that a TBR slipon? How does it sound?
  6. Congrats Buddy!!!! That's AWESOME and well deserved!!!!
  7. Rush2112


    WOW!!! That is beautiful... composed... and stunning... If Honda used that pic they would have sold more of the big girls... well done!
  8. Rush2112


    Nice Fall shot twisting through the mountains...
  9. Well it's about time!!! Congrats Seb! You deserve it!
  10. Nice to see the ol' Girl on the home page. Very nice touches on your 5th gen!
  11. I'll take a 5th gen set when they are available
  12. It does look sharp! How much does it weigh?
  13. Is there a sign-up list yet? Count me in... Oh wait, do 6th gen and 5th gens have the same mirror bolt spacing?
  14. Rush2112

    IMAG1623 1

    Love the white 3rd gens!
  15. I'm confused... which is easy to do btw... what would he use the CAD files for? To make the mold to form the CF fairings?
  16. Rush2112

    VFR 1200 Paint Job 4

    Love the paint job! That is a sweet looking 7th gen... bet it sounds awesome too with the Akra!
  17. Rush2112

    IMG 6107

    Nice picture! Captures that end of the road... ride to anywhere feeling. Thanks for sharing!
  18. Did you weld the hard line to the factory fittings or use a compression fitting? Thanks for the info and inspiration Seb!
  19. Those oil line fittings are slick... if I get the front rads to work on my project bike I'll need to relocate the oil cooler and will need something like to make it work. What kind of lines did you use?
  20. The pH (acidity) of Coca-Cola is about the same as white vinegar or citric acid in lemon juice ~2.2 - 2.4... as VFRBert said it is dilute phosphoric acid. Acid reverses (technically, it's called reduction) the oxidation of the metal that results in "rust". Use something made for the task of rust removal like he suggests or try the vinegar... you won't have the sugar, caramel, flavorings, etc. to deal with like you would with Coke.
  21. Nice thread archaeology! Some good info to add for my upcoming body work... Thanks!
  22. Rush2112

    Vfr meeting

    Looks like a fun bunch!!!
  23. Rush2112

    The Road

    Great Shot!! Calendar worthy...
  24. Gorgeous!!! Amazing work, sir! Thank you for sharing...
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