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  1. vfrurknee


    Run Forest Run!
  2. vfrurknee

    Up Early

    Looks like the highway heading south from Mexican Hat. Monument Valley is one of the coolest areas I have ever been to.
  3. vfrurknee


    This seems like an appropriate response should be like "LIAR, LIAR, Pants on fire!" But like most of your pictures Brian, this one is awesome!
  4. vfrurknee

    Hwy 141 ride 1

    I know the building you are referring to and kicked myself for not stopping and getting a picture when I was there. I think it is an old one room school house.
  5. vfrurknee

    Hwy 141 ride 1

    Was this shot taken shortly after turning off highway 50?
  6. vfrurknee

    Gateway Car musem

    When I went through here in August of 2006 the museum was a work in progress. I need to go back! Even then, the Gateway facility was a very motorcycle friendly place.
  7. vfrurknee

    great facilities 2

    I recognize the three hooligans on the right side of this shot as GSwanson and Fred and Lisa but who are the other three?
  8. vfrurknee

    20150316 VFR800

    Nice to see the best color VFR on the front page for a change!
  9. A blast from the past, eh Miguel!
  10. vfrurknee

    Molas Pass

    What was the odometer reading when this shot was taken? Had to be on your way home from picking up the Veefalo.
  11. vfrurknee

    Fred @ Push Mt

    Fred, Judging by your facial expression one would tend to think you are not having fun. Smile Dude!
  12. Check my gallery ,Gary. I got the best side of both of you, same spot!
  13. That intro picture spot sure looks familiar. Talimena Drive?
  14. I think it is just the bad focus causing an illusion. I need to go in there some day. Been by there a bunch of times. It is on Rte. 66, the old part.
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