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  1. Oh, you're absolutely right, my mistake. By the way, the "fish wrapper" I was referring to is "Young Bike", the Japanese magazine.
  2. It was 50F that day, so not so bad.
  3. Nothing wrong with a breakfast Guinness. A pork chop in every glass, after all.
  4. Shinigami

    Shinigami's gallery

    Some on-the-road shots from around the Western USA
  5. That fish wrapper magazine has cranked out fake renders of “the next Honda V4” (and at least once, V5!) every couple years since at least 2006. Zero credibility. Here’s a notoriously bad example from 2008, in which MCN glommed onto a story that originated in Young Bike (without attribution and claiming an “inside source at Honda “) You can read this wretched pile of journalistic excrement here. https://issuu.com/motorcyclenews/docs/mcnsampler060808
  6. I’m wistful over the departure of the VFR from the USA market, but as long as they keep building them in Kumamoto, there’s still hope. Unfortunately the Japanese domestic bike market has virtually collapsed. It’s perhaps 10 percent of what it was 20 years ago.
  7. Thanks! Yes, the RF650 is a little bit overkill. But, I like overkill on items like that. I live in a very arid climate, and it’s possible to go up to 4 years between flushes, but I still stay with a two year interval. I have never had such low chain wear on my old 6th gen or on my current CBR600RR, 20k miles and the chains would be done, though I do pay attention to adjustments and lube. Despite everything being well within spec on the 8th gen OEM chain and sprockets, I just felt it would be prudent to change them out before the season really kicks off here. I’ve seen the results of failed chains, and want no part of that. Same with the spark plugs, the old ones looked great, but I hate to push intervals on items that can drop ceramic bits into a cylinder.
  8. Got a bunch of things done all at once: New DID chain and Sunstar sprockets despite everything still being in spec, with the OEM chain and sprockets still looking good at 40,150 miles (!) (I only use Honda spray lube on the chain) New adjustable billet levers from Japan New NGK iridium plugs Coolant flush Brake and clutch fluid flush and replacement with Endless RF650 Endless PRO2 front pads New Honda OEM quickshifter (busted the peg on the first one) Honda synthetic oil and OEM filter Honda OEM air filter Then I went for a ride!
  9. From the album: Shinigami's gallery

    First run of the 2018 season over Wolf Creek Pass, UT. Opened about a month earlier than normal due to abnormally low snowfall levels.
  10. From the album: Shinigami's gallery

    March 5th in the Rockies on the 8th gen. Not quite spring, but heated grips make up for it.
  11. Shinigami


    Jaw dropper. Great job.
  12. Mr. Peart and Mr. Stoner have a hobby in common, which I have helped each with, though I can't claim to know either very well personally. However, any Rush fan knows Mr. Peart in particular seems to prefer the tractor-like qualities of a certain three letter Teutonic machine.
  13. The Honda ST1300 tank pad is perfect on just about any generation of VFR.
  14. Thank you! I also appreciate the understated nature of the looks of this bike.
  15. From the album: Shinigami's gallery

    Springtime run on the Energy Loop. With the lowest snow accumulation in a hundred years it's the earliest run here ever.
  16. Shinigami

    VFR at 10000'

    From the album: Shinigami's gallery

    At the top of Skyline Drive in Utah on 4/20/15 on a run of the Energy Loop- normally this spot would still have 3 meters of snow.
  17. I'm about 3/4ths of the way through a set of PR4's on my 8th gen and seeing pronounced feathering of the sipe blocks both front and rear. I suppose I have done too much aggressive canyon riding for the intent of these, but after 3000 miles with about 1000 left on the rear, the handling is still excellent. Getting at least 25% more treadwear out of these compared to PR2 on the 6th gen. Next will be a set of Dunlops, Q3 front and R2 rear.
  18. From the album: Shinigami's gallery

    Autumn in full swing on one of the best moto roads in the West
  19. From the album: Shinigami's gallery

    Fall colors in central UT
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