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  1. I know about MBD! Nice acquisitions, Dutchy. Late to see this thread, but looks like you have rescued some nice VFRs. Jealous of the fish & chips lunch, too.
  2. What a awesome streetfighter. Attention to detail, and it shows, Seb. Nice!
  3. HiDesertMLB


    Nice VFR for sure, but the 'tunes, fender eliminator, aftermarket shock, and coated headers are hard to ignore. Sweet!
  4. HiDesertMLB


    Nice photo. Congrats on the new VFR, too!
  5. HiDesertMLB


    Nice scenery!
  6. HiDesertMLB


    Very, very nice 5th gen. Congrats on the VFRD homepage featured picture.
  7. Thanks to Hispanic Slammer for posting these install pics. They were a good point of reference as my centerstand install turned out to take a little longer than I thought. I encountered this same scenario. Try as I might, the supplied washer was simply too thick, or tolerance on the post hole sleeve was a tad off. I couldn't believe this, after trying six ways from Sunday to wedge the washer in the clearance between stand and mount. I wound up using a 4" grinder to remove about 1/16" from the post hole sleeve on the side adjacent to the washer and deburred it with a dremel tool. After that, there was enough clearance to fit the washer. The spring wound up being a lot easier to fit than I imagined. A little finesse with a short phillips screwdriver to guide it onto the spring attachment point on the stand made it easy. The silly cotter pin was the hardest part. The Honda instructions indicated to insert the pin from from the front of the bike to back. Darn near impossible because there's no room to position a set of needle nose pliers from the front side with the exhaust headers in the way. In hindsight, I should've just inserted the pin from back to front and called it good. After pondering about how I would get the pin in from the front, I took a long piece of thin copper wire, threaded it through the cotter pin hole from back to front, took out the soldering iron and soldered the tail end of the cotter pin to the wire. This allowed me to thread the cotter pin in reverse like needle and thread. After the pin was in, it was easy to spread the cotter pin from the accessible backside. I am so happy to have a centerstand on the 1200 now. I've become so accustomed to having a centerstand on my other bikes, that I can't imagine doing things like maintenance and bike cleaning without one.
  8. HiDesertMLB


    Nice 93! The 3rd gens have the classy kickstand cover not to mention the best looking rear wheel.
  9. HiDesertMLB

    IMG 3338

    What a beautiful bike! I will be dreaming this beautiful vision of a pristine RC-30 tonight.
  10. HiDesertMLB

    IMG 0140

    3rd gens have that sexy kickstand cover that help it blend into the lower side faring. Congrats on the photo making the VFRD homepage; your 3rd gen is a timeless Honda beauty.
  11. A nice spring ride! :fing02:
  12. HiDesertMLB


    Very nice! It almost seems like the 3rd gen VFR decal was designed with the white paint scheme in mind.
  13. HiDesertMLB


    Ive been wanting to experience Avenue of The Giants on two wheels. One of these days. Beautiful scenery.
  14. HiDesertMLB

    The Herd

    A 7th-generation joins the VFR herd.
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