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  1. The second week of December I went down to the Southwest to see a bunch of big rocks. Read all about it on my blog: https://crotchrocketeer.blogspot.com/2020/12/snowbird-december-2020.html (I'm really too lazy to copy it all and pictures and stuff into a post here)
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  2. When I lived in New England, the Princeton NJ area, and KCMO for a few years, there would always be that glorious January day when it almost hit 50. Worth calling in sick...check tire pressure, rip off the trickle charger, rummage through riding gear closet, and ride! The V4 just sounded different though, never quite acclimated. Here in NorCal summer is perfect, but if you are on a popular road (aka PCH) the rental Mustang convertibles and 50 ft. RV's kinda kill the vibe. Winter therefore is great, and our locals are generally very nice about pulling over when we appear in their re
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  3. Hey, someone didn't type loose!
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  4. No not a statistician but sometimes it's good to present your info a different way. I have a diary for my VFR....everything gets logged. Fuel economy not so much but, I'd wager it's almost always over 45 mpg. The 8th gen is an efficient beast....
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