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  1. 86 VFR750, 12K . Wasn't really looking at adding another bike. This was a project bike owned by a friend of mine, who passed away this winter. It runs, but has been sitting for a while (it has zero mile Dunlops that are dry rotted). Its all there except 4 fastenings. That said its been down on both sides at some point, then mostly restored. Looks good at 6 ft., but definitely a Rider.
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  2. I was made redundant 4 years ago and still not secured a new position. 200+ job apllications and countng.... Did a 4 month consultancy job that's all. Upside is lots of riding and tinkering on my bikes, smile on my face every day. Keep yer chin up!
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  3. It hasn't popped up for sale. They have been trying to sell it for over 6 years and nobody bought it. It is a great bike, but will need all fluids changed and it's time for new tires and maybe more. Don't pay more than half of the original retail price! If you go check it out and drop a low but fair price, they might say no, but will call you back within a day to accept your low offer. Nobody else is going to buy it anytime soon.
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  4. another interceptor is a whole lot of fun, the Vtr 2 fifty. it's not a slow bike .
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  5. Started as a project bike for my brother who was a beginner but he hasn’t ridden it in 6 years. Fresh fuel and a spare battery to fire it up today. Carbs could use a thorough cleaning but it runs. Older basecoat/clearcoat purple pearl paint job that still looks pretty decent. Bodywork is in good shape. I re-covered the seat and it still looks great. Obviously, the tires are old. I have a box of “parts only” carbs as well as a spare “parts only” engine. Bike is all stock and complete, clean green title and showing 19,800 on the clock. I can take more pics but I posted what I have as of right n
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  6. This was a 35 year old gasket, baked on and hard as a rock. Not sure that would have helped except make a mess. But I'll find some and try on the next project. Sometimes I think I deserve to scrape for being dumb enough to have this many older bikes.
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