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Rear brake woes... air in the system AGAIN?!

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I rebuilt all the calipers, flushed/bled the system once. It felt okay, but got really spongy over a few weeks... full pedal travel and nothing happens spongy. Figured I didn't bleed the system properly.


So, I bought speed bleeders and thoroughly re-bled the system as per the service manual... making sure I followed the exact sequence including removing the front left caliper and orienting the slave master cylinder at the right angle. A ton of air came out of the PCV. Pedal felt fantastic immediately afterwards, braking performance was improved, and I was happy as a clam.


That was about a month ago. Spent the last couple weeks replacing all the coolant lines and got her back together for a test ride.


Rear pedal is spongy again!!! What gives?


I'm suspecting a leak someplace where air is getting into the system, but there is no loss of fluid at the rear reservoir nor any wet spots.


Any suggestions?

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Sounds very similar to an issue I had with a car of mine. I ended up replacing the master cylinder as it had failed.

If fluid is bypassing the internal O-rings in the master it will give that feeling of sponginess. 


I have also seen cases in the car world where the flex lines are ballooning out

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