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8th gen exhaust on 5th gen vfr


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This opens up options for 5th gen owners, this 8th gen 2014 standard exhaust went straight on no problem.

I had to fit a 10mm spacer on the footrest hanger where the exhaust bolts on for a perfect fit.


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22 hours ago, Skids said:


Why not?.

I done a 1200 mile trip through Europe last year over 5 days and tbh the sound of the more free flowing open pipe I have on there normally,I found too noisy after a while.

This will be fitted for trips away only , I'll go back to my more noisy exhaust when back at home.

I did read somewhere that France has reduced the allowable decibel level for vehicles from last year, last thing I need on a bike trip away is extra attention from the local police.

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Good to know, although I can't say I've ever been bothered by the sound of my aftermarket exhausts (I don't run anything like an infamous D&D, but I have used old-school TBRs with and without the extra baffle).  


Any French moto-gendarme who would bust a tourist for having a fruity exhaust has no soul.





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