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Hello from London - VF1000R


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You need to start by getting the main jets right and I would say you need to go up on them. Optimal jetting goes mains needles and then pilots. Those needles shouldn't have much to do at such low throttle opening. Were the pilot jets changed?

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I concur in my 1986 VFR750F ram air though I am running 132 or 134 main jets 34mm Keihm.  VF1000R are 36mm so 130-135 . Which jets are you running? It sound like something is clogged or sticking  Did you install the spring and diaphragm correctly?  Torn diaphragm or incorrectly installed.  They need to be sealed correctly in the groove ie vacuum nipple. Clogged main jet float doubtful.  Check diaphragm the needle should go down quickly  in the bore when you push them up individually should be about the same for all 4.  When you installed needle are they locked in place ie clockwise  did you have to enlarge holes at the diaphragm? There are tiny little holes in the sides of the pilot jets check those.  Float be be smooth going up and down you can measure the height pain in the ass with a float height setting tool  not necessary if they go up and down. Check float valve needle most important if the top does not retract internally it is defective it control float opening and closing correctly and adding enough fuel.  DONOT BEAT ON THE BIKE IT IS RUNNING TOO LEAN.





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Got the bike rejetted today and finally made the 100hp club, just! 




Dynojet main jets changed from 122 up to 136, needles moved two places and then some fine tuning of fuel enrichment = 101hp at the wheels. 

totally transformed the bike and enjoyed every second of the 60 mile ride home! 



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Very cool.  The pull of the liter V4 is nice.  I think I have 135s in my 85 with a Full Sudco 4-1.  My 86 with the same Kerker slip-ons, K&N, snorkels intact, pretty sure I have 130s.  Both bikes shimmed stock needles and 40 pilots.

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