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So I Decided To Keep The Bike!



Now that I have throughly test rode my 1998 I have decided I will keep this bike a while. Cheap bastid that I am I find though that I am hating visiting dealerships more and more! Something about the pointy haired pimply faced race-wannabe-kids manning the parts counters out here that makes me cringe at the thought of having to answer the age old question

SPike "what bike"?

Me- "1998 vfr 800?

SPike - "what size is it?"

That just makes me want to reach across the counter and smack the stupid out of em! That and the way he sort of rolls his eyes when he says "what bike" like he cant be bothered hes got a lot of RAAAAAAAAAASSSSSIIIIINNN to do right after I get my freaking oil filter!!!

I get the same thing at MacDonald's too "I will have a Big Mac meal with a Dr Pepper please!" and so voice box says back "what do you want to drink?" As if there is only one script in the world and the script must not be interrupted - ever!! The box only does one thing at a time damnit!

That is why I like Walmart, nobody there knows anything about what I am looking for and they don't care - so I am free to roam the isles and pick the stuff I see off the shelves no rolling eyes cause I don't run a liter bike!!! No stupid jokes like VFR - Very F'ing Retarded! I like Wally for the big 5 quart jobbies of Mobile One! That and its rather cheap - imagine that! Wally is single handedly keeping inflation in check by selling this crap to us at such low low prices you have to ask; who needs pointy haired clerks?! Evil empire and all I know. So in definance I must draw the line at purchaseing the Fram oil filter - just sitting there on the shelf within reach. I can even read the box without having to ask some green haired 19 year old to get it for me - and get this it actually fits the VFR! Yet its a FRAM. That's a bit too cheap for me!

Wally still got me however, I did get the Black And Decker 1-2 amp smart battery charger! $19 bucks ya cant beat that, my toasted up Battery Tender that died on me Last month actually snickered when I brought it home! Yea Yea you cost three times as much and you don't work buddy shuddup!!

Now I still have to get that darned oil filter. I know a Fram is probably not going to fall off at the first bump or dump dirty oil all over the cam shaft when it get hot for the first time. Yet I just keep seeing those internet pictures of the cheap ass way they are constructed on the inside - a side by side comparison with cut away photos and all!!! Don't ask me! I don't remember the darned link, I know its in the links database here so look it up yourself~ :warranty:

So upon finally having decided to keep the vfr I thought! What if I bought a Scott reusable oil filter!?That might do the trick - no more "who makes the vfr?" dumasses to walk through at the counter! Where do they find these kids they crop up like flies! No not this time - I mail ordered it! HEH another pet peeve of mine with dealerships! We don't have that we can order it for ya, be here in a couple of weeks - so I have to waste my time coming back to pick it up three weeks later, wait in line at the counter and all that sh&t during normal buisness hours that I dont keep myself! Naw I will mail order it and get it right to my door thanks! :salesman: SO I DID! I got a reusable Scott oil filter now to go along with my reusable K&N airfilter I got 4 years ago. I guess I really must want to keep the bike now! 83,000 miles is a long test ride!

If it sounds like I am anti dealership sorry I am to some extent, for I don't care for the experience of going to one! No matter how great they are compared to the other! Buying a bike at one is a trauma for me so I am a bit weary of dealers. I never quite trust them completely! Hell they need to make a buck I know that! Those guys have all those kids to feed, pointy haired racing doesn't pay the bills! Like Josey Wales says "Buzzards gotta eat" - I am just a cheap bastid!

PS I am still stinging from my XR purchase last year, not looking like such a great deal now a year later! :pissed:


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  • Member Contributer

What is this talk about deciding to keep the VFR? What did I miss, our fearless leader VFRless? Or were you going to upgrade to a newer model?

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I like visiting dealerships, but just to look around. Unless I have a specific question I don't even bother with the salespeople. I just tell them I'm looking around. I like checking out new bikes even tho I have no intention of buying another bike anytime soon. It's just a twisted passion I'm sure I share with lots of other riders.

Haven't dealt w/parts counter punks yet, but I know the type. What amazes me is how many kinds of jackets, gloves, helmets, or other general accessories some shops carry in stock, but they only have 2 freaking tank bags to choose from?!? That's ridiculous. No wonder most of us buy everything online. Esp. when the e-tailers offer free same-day shipping. No sales tax, no wasted time, no attitude...just can't beat it.

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Luckily, at my nearest stealership, it is a hot 21 year old chick working the counter. She doesn't even pretend to know anything about motorcycles, and yet no one has complained! :D

"Uhhhh, I'll take two cans with oil on them please?? OOOOPS, I MEAN to say can I have two cans of oil please??!!"

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Guest VFR4Life


Chicks at parts counters rule! I have run a parts store before and a good looking chick with a good attitude makes up for lack of knowledge. And if they know anything about what they are doing their sales go through the roof!

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Guest Nailer45


My local dealer sold me the Honda oil filter for $9.98 each , so i bought 3..What gets me is I was in there 3 months earlier and the same filter cost $16...The girl/woman at the parts counter knows more about bikes than the guy who also works in the parts dept..I always ask her my questions and she has an answer within 1-2 minutes...

The Honda dealer has changed very much in the last 4yrs , as they have binders full of aftermarket company catalogs on the parts counter and they actually try to help you...

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  • Member Contributer

Guy running the parts counter at my local Honda dealer was recently fired after they found out he was stealing parts and selling them on Ebay. The owner is prosecuting to the full extent of the law as this punk made off with a lot of goods over a period of time.

Slammer.......that is a lot of miles and a good testimonial to the durability of the VFR. :thumbsup:

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HS: I buy the superTech2000 filter at Wallyworld, from what I've read, it's better than the fram, and less $$$ than the honda filter...

Now where did I put the part number for that...

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