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  1. Interesting question. I have not heard of any failure of the 330 ohm resistors. Used the ones from Radio Shack on my bike and no issues in many years of riding.
  2. johnmark101


    Wow......that is the best looking VFR I have seen. Great paint job!! John
  3. Changing gearing is a good and cheap modification. As Bailyrock said, if you plan on crusing and touring for the most part, stock gearing is likely your best bet. Many VFR owners will go down one tooth on the front sprocket. This will improve initial acceleration and provide better drive off of the corners, and make the bike work better in the twisties. Also during normal riding you will shift out of first gear a bit earlier. When crusing your engine will run a bit higher rpm and your gas mileage may go down just a bit. Or you could go up two on the rear sprocket. This is a more subtle change but will still be noticeable in the twisties and under initial acceleration. This is what I did and to me it feels like the gearing the bike should have had all along.
  4. I have a Zero Gravity (not a double bubble) smoked that has been removed from the package but never used. It's like new. Not a scratch. I installed it but decided I do not like the smoked color. Never rode with it on the bike. Fifty bucks if anyone is interested.
  5. Yes, T-Mac... will we see you there?

  6. johnmark101


    I have the long Pazzo's on both of my bikes. Did anyone else find that the Pazzo clutch lever is still a bit of a reach on the closest setting??
  7. Check out superbikestore.net for a good deal on Pazzos.
  8. Do it........the stock springs are pretty soft. A stiffer set of springs matched to your weight will make the bike feel more planted on corner entry. I upgraded my suspension last winter. I feel much more confidence in the VFR on twisty roads as a result.
  9. johnmark101


    Nice shots Jeremy!
  10. I bought a used Penske for my VFR from a friend who ran it in his 2002 VFR. He states that it has an 1100 pound spring, but the guy weighs about 230 pounds. Anyway I installed it and with the preload collar turned all the way to the top, I am only getting about 20 mm of sag, (I weigh 183 pound in street clothes). I am thinking this thing has a heavier spring than what he said. Will try riding it a bit when weather permits to see how it feels, but I am thinking I will be re-springing it before the Texas Mac.
  11. johnmark101

    Dragon 4.jpg

    I see you are still lurking around here...... :biggrin:
  12. Great write up......thanks Tightwad. I may be doing this one before the TexasMac meet as mine is getting a bit noisy. Slammer............think you could save this one in the "how to" section?? This has got to be the best motorcycle website on the planet, and that is because of it's CEO, moderators and members. :biggrin:
  13. My understanding is that Cozye's map only works with 2002 through 2005 models. The 2006 and newer VFR's have a different ECU so the map will not work the same.
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