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A long time commin




Latest Veefalo mod

I have been wanting to get a "vfrd" plate for my vfr for years, but the old girl she was fine with the orginal plate, the Veefalo on the other hand was a group effort and it would be a very nice touch to get a plate that says "vfrd" on it since that is where it came from


new plate

I havent ridden the bike for over a month, just to work since it needs new tires. I got maybe one good long ride left in her rear tire. I have a new set in the shed ready to go for Texasmac 2011! Mostly been riding my Cannondale roadbike these days trying to lose wieght. After riding around for 4 days with a bunch of in shape and healthy Canadians I found out when I got home my over exuberant diet had costed me - wieghing in at over 245 lbs the most ever! Since then I am down to 225lbs but I think that was from my tooth! Just kidding, that was my Halloween costume I went as a Jack-o-lantern.



Lots going on for the bike next year, a fork upgrade hopfully and new tires, then its just ride ride ride and with me in shape and hopfully down to my goal of 195lbs by May I will be riding it much better too.


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Started to read this entry... All about the plate, but after your halloween costume i forgot about the plate./...

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One of the other Mods needs to update Miguel's profile picture with this. Come on BR & KK, if you don't you haven't got any balls!

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Most appropriate for you to have that plate. The rest of the world won't "get it" but we will.

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I keep wanting to get my plates customized to toddulu, but it irks me that the state charges extra EVERY year for having custom plates, so I stick with what they issued me. :angry:

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I've been thinking about vanity plates for the VFR. Maybe next year.

By the way you'll have to put that halloween picture on hotornot.com - you'll have to carry a stick to keep all the women away with a picture like that. :laughing6-hehe:

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Sweet plate, Miguel. :fing02:

I also weighed myself the other day and was disgusted by the biggest number ever - so I'm right there with you on the exercise and such. Here's to being happy hungry! :wink:

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Thats Awesome.

I keep thinking I would get personal plates, but I am to cheap to spend the extra dough.

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If you get down to 195 will those Aerostich leathers still fit?

If not, I am willing to stuff my face for a bit, gain about 25lbs, and you can send them to me! :idea3:

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