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  1. It is very bizarre. I'm trying to find the logic where there is none. It's a futile effort I've concluded. I also concluded that mine and another person's belief that riding like every cage is out to kill me works well.....so far.
  2. Don't let him fool you. I sense he's a predator using that white VFR and cool videos to draw in unsuspecting bike owners for his next victim and meal. Speaking of predators, on a 160 mile ride in very rural counties yesterday, what is it with people crossing the double yellow when there is no cell phone reception (so that's not an excuse)? I had on a yellow hi-viz jacket (I know, geeky) and had to flash my high beams to wake them up!!!! That old saying, "ride like every cage is out to kill you" has some basis. How do people get that dumb? I know, they just don't care who they kill.....
  3. Does anybody really read those magazines? They remind me of my local newspaper. There is one but nobody I know reads the fake news in it. Are those numbers really going to influence many people? Fast is fast. I still want to know HOW anyone gets 10K miles out of a rear tire......
  4. Rode with the brand new Angel GT's yesterday and they do ride softer than any Bstone I've had on. They don't pick up every tiny micro-bump but do have good feedback. Other than that, they handle like any other ST tire I've had. They remind me of PR2's as far as handling. Maybe very slightly better. We shall see as to longevity. New shoes always feel better anyway.
  5. I'll just stick with what I have. I wear ear plugs so it doesn't really matter to me.
  6. Staying hydrated is paramount. When you're getting frustrated from having to stop and pee a lot, you're hydrated. Have a kidney stone that puts you into shock (been there) and you'll never get dehydrated again. Just an observation.....some people need to be riding in a Suburban with all the gear they carry on a VFR. They have air conditioners too.....
  7. I'm very concerned about Honda losing this due to top end speed and HP. This is a must for me as I'm trying to do close to 200mph whenever I'm riding. Time is money "they say" and I just can't afford to get someplace slowly. I know that kind of speed is unsafe so I just settle for a much safer 140 or so on a heavy VFR. As far sound, I could care less since I wear earplugs and kind of enjoy being stealthy anyway. Kind of reminds me of another post about noisy pick up trucks. They don't even know what cross over pipes are but they can win a NASCAR race....in their little minds. This is another one of those WTF things.
  8. I'm very surprised that someone isn't running a straight pipe (no purchased slip-on) on a VFR or just no muffler or pipe at all. Some people talk too loud too. If want to find an example of this just TRY to go experience a "quiet" relaxing meal out that you think you can enjoy and there is ALWAYS someone in there talking at the same level of dbs that he would at the Super Bowl stadium. It's a part of Murphy's law. Every "nice quiet place" to eat has a loudmouth that apparently thinks everyone wants to know his infallible knowledge of useless crap. A lot of people here need to go on a quiet VFR ride away from traffic and out in the countryside. I'll be doing that shortly. Would you rather be on a VFR forum or riding a VFR?
  9. Somebody is NOT making a killing from this company I suspect. Nice product but not nice enough to justify the price IMO. EVERYTHING in OZ is expensive. Used to work there....too much.
  10. If it looks fast, it is fast.....sometimes, maybe....; ) What never ceases to amaze me is when I'm in the middle of nowhere riding the twisties, need gas while with all the ATGATT stuff on and the local yokels just love to talk with me and are so friendly at the gas stations. I guess I should give mankind more credit. On the other hand, they probably aren't as stressed out people given they choose to live away from the stresses of traffic, idiots on cell phones while smoking and "driving" at the same time (who really has their hands on the wheel?), and all the other crap city dwellers tolerate and do. These "country folks" probably can hear birds chirp and actually talk to one another about things other than politics. What's this have to do with a VFR? I can get around these non-contentious, chilled out people with a VFR, either very quickly or not so quickly as I enjoy being alone and actually seeing green things called plants. I knew there was a reason I don't ever ride in the city. Tomorrow I go try out those new hi-tech Angels. They don't appear to have any different profile than any other ST tire. They can't ride any harsher than a Bstone....I hope.
  11. Well, I know we all are concerned about this but along with the other issues that weight brings with it, like loaded tractor trailers, we're causing excessive roadway wear and tear with our heavy bikes. The white one's especially since they have to have more pigment in the paint......really, not kidding....... The girls will like your "tidy tail" GG ; ) Nice scenery in your neck of the woods and always enjoy your vids.
  12. That makes perfect sense. After all, the law came from career politicians most likely. "Career politician".....I don't like that concept.
  13. No, it isn't weak, it's pragmatic and there are so many laws that A) the cops don't even know all of them and B) They tend to enforce the ones that don't require much work and raise the most money. I'm in a position to know given who I know. This certainly isn't worth arguing about at any level. I just find it kind of WTF-ish that Harley's COO is asking people not to put on loud pipes. I guess he can tell "the authorities" that he tried. Harley tried to patent "their" sound and failed. The most noise from traffic is the noise from tires rolling on pavement. That's been proven for decades. It's getting worse with new tread designs. Let's ban tires and pavement....
  14. They haven't gotten here yet. Takes a while when you're only going 40mph...;; )) Driver Dave, I would be happy to get 5K miles out of a rear. I've never gotten that yet. If these P-Angel-Gt's don't work out, I'll probably just go back to the PR2's with a more sporty, sticky front. These new dual compound tires are lasting longer but the ST types don't turn in very well. The rear PR2 did OK but not the fronts for handling. Boys and their toys....
  15. Everybody is happy! Everybody has "the best" sounding slip on and they're all different. LOL. That's peace and harmony. Saw a YouTube the other night where the Harley COO is urging owners NOT to install aftermarket pipes. It listed how many cities in the country ban loud pipes. Just another way to tax us with us voting on it. Don't the po po really have crime to deal with?