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  1. I all you were was a barely a millionaire, you wouldn't be after buying this maintenance monstrosity.
  2. The problem words in your post were, "trained professionals".
  3. Uh, no.
  4. Honda filter is what I use. Is the cost of the filter really significant considering what you pay for gas, tires, insurance, brake pads, proper riding protective clothing, chain lube, chain cleaner, chains, air filters, price of the bike itself, value of your time on the bike, etc, etc. Are your really worried about paying $5 more for an oil filter no matter what kind you choose to use??
  5. If you won the lottery and decided to learn to be a world class rider, don't you think you could do that?
  6. I would call that a nightmare bike. Who are you going to trust to do that maintenance? I can write a check for the bike but I have the money because I don't buy impractical stupid things like that. A plain old VFR seems a lot more fun to own that monstrosity. Power isn't everything. Fun is close to everything.
  7. I was in the area last year a week after TMAC. I wasn't able to make it the weekend of TMAC. I noticed Hwy. 28 from Franklin to the 4 lane was in abysmal condition with some of it in the beginnings of falling off the side of the mountains. I also notice that the roads in the area, in general, that we all like to ride, have deteriorated significantly. Highway 28 is a very fun road leading to other fun roads. Seeing the area's roads not being kept in good shape is disappointing as well as dangerous. Anyone seen any repair work going on? I will make another trip over there fairly soon. If not TMAC, then another long weekend. Thanks.
  8. After having Multiple Bike Syndrome, I did that once and had to have another bike. So, that didn't work. Got an 8th gen. which was a good decision. Multiple cars is different than multiple bikes.
  9. Yep, look 'em in the eye as the die since they tried to kill you first. Combat is a bitch.....
  10. Ya know, most people use a gun to deer hunt. Bullets are cheaper than bikes ; ) Sorry, couldn't pass that one up.
  11. And that's why I NEVER have ridden without ear plugs. I am old enough to know better....; ) I hear ya MaxSwell.
  12. There are no old VFR owners. WTF are you talking about?
  13. It never ceases to amaze me how much value people put on sound alone. The best sound, to me, is no sound.
  14. Kind of related maybe oxymoronic question but is there really a ST tire with really good "turn in" and long life out there?
  15. Somebody has to be politically incorrect, but is the 7th gen. really a VFR? Not an insult because there are plenty of good bikes out there that aren't VFR's. Could be a compliment to them, they just didn't sell though. The 8th gen. does have significant improvements over other generations in engine performance. Put a slip on, on it, ride it, and it's obvious having owned a 5th, 6th, and 8th gen. No, I wouldn't, however, trade any gen. for an 8th gen. unless money wasn't a factor in my life. It's obvious that motorcycles aren't selling as well as they once did. Partly generational, and partly "the new economy that too many people just roll over and accept. Corruption sucks.