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  1. Speedo error

    With stock gearing, 5th and 6th gens. are 8% high reading. That used to be commonly known but not so apparently now.
  2. Use gasoline as fuel if you can get it where you live. I use it most of the time. It makes a very noticeable difference in power to me. Also, just an opinion, until you've reached the limits of the bike's ability through rider skill, you don't need more power. As other's have said, I don't think significant power is there to be had without doing something radical that increases engine destruction risk significantly. This topic has been discussed here and elsewhere for years.
  3. Put gasoline in it instead of govt. subsidized welfare fuel and it will run much stronger. And, yes, each of my three VFR's did run better around 16K miles.
  4. Chain Mileage

    I dunno about all this. I just replace my chain when I think it needs to be replaced. I know the average mileage for me, when that happens for reasons I can only speculate on.
  5. It seems government grows and perpetuates itself by creating controversy through "needed" regulation to protect us from ourselves. We can't even use "hate speech" in spite of the 1st amendment. "Hate thought" is next to be outlawed. Where does the constitution say we can't hate someone? Behavior is what should count and that is already regulated so WTF? We'll need a multi-billion study to determine how to enforce hate thought then billions more on enforcing it. Liability and perceived liability has cost us incalculable amounts of money in some of the things we buy. I want traction control on my tennis shoes so I won't slip next time I wear them but, really, I don't think I'll slip because rain will become extinct due to climate change which is very real because it just rained at my place...... I'm going to sue somebody next time I slip starting with the shoe manufacturer. It's only a matter of time before "motorcycle violence" is outlawed. Never mind cage driver intelligence quotients. Rant over....
  6. If you can ride one you can ride the other. No noticeable difference.
  7. Re: traction control and abs. Making them mandatory reminds me of trying to legislate morality. That's ALWAYS been a futile effort by people believing they're on the moral high ground that they never ever have a valid basis to be on. Why don't we just just put devices on speed limit signs and vehicles that would automatically force all vehicles to not exceed the posted speed limits when a speeding vehicle is detected? That technology exists. People would howl. BTW, one objection out of a five person poll is statistically invalid for concluding anything other than five people like traction control. Perhaps the best ground to take is respect for other people's opinions. Or, let's just regulate everything. We need more laws.
  8. i would ask the same question about Honda's "traction control" that I've heard nothing positive about. The outcome to the consumer seems to be an attempt by Honda to add a feature that ultimately undercuts their ability to innovate and execute successfully that the consumer paid money for. What a botched poorly thought out and executed feature that wasn't really needed. Not everyone, including riders, likes TC on MotoGP bikes either. But, we all know there will be riderless MotoGP bikes in the near future.......
  9. Riding quotes

    I think that's a very true statement but there are also too many people that would have you believe that they are always in the arrogant position of defining the moral high ground and their point of view is superior to anyone else's. Anyone that knows the history of, for example the U.S. and the U.K that can also critically think will understand the "why" of the different feelings about guns. Personally, I like having the right to defend my religious and other freedoms, for example, from those that prefer to persecute me for what I believe. Go ahead and forcefully impose yourself on me and deal with the consequences. Freedom from despots and those that want to impose themselves on me for their gain and my loss is worth fighting for in my book. What's all this have to do with motorcycles anyway?
  10. Should I do it!?!

    I'd pass on this bike in a heart beat. By the book, it should only be on it's second oil change. What kind of oil is in it and how old is it?? Too many owners for the low mileage; weird grips indicate amateur owner(s) or just poor taste from someone; the add on stickers look like shit; if the seller buys and sells he paid even less for it; it's listed on Craigslist which brings no seller / buyer accountability or rating with it so I just don't trust CL for this kind of thing. Just too many strange / red flags for me. There's a lot of used bikes for sale out there to deal with this particular bike. Just my opinion FWIW.
  11. Chain Mileage

    I've read and seen pics of K&N oil filters lubing rear tires very well.....if you survive the lube event..... On a more serious note, I too like the low viscosity Honda Moly chain lube. IMHO, thick waxy chain lubes attract and hold sand and grit which is not chain friendly.
  12. It's really a moot point with GG since he zooms directly up to 100mph and stays there as long as possible as a matter of riding habit. We have the proof on video..... Of course the rest of us abide by the speed limit at all times......; ) Still say your world would change on Wolf Pen Gap, The Dragon, Hwy. 28, or the east end of Warwoman Rd., Blood Mtn. and the list goes on. Nothing against Fla. at all. The Mouse resides there.....LOL!
  13. IMG_0410.JPG

    Awesome looking VFR! The fast color.....
  14. Tires!

    With a few exceptions, I don't even know why CG bothers to sell tires. That said, and the exception, the tires on my VFR now are Angel GT's CG had on sale a few months ago for $220 for the set!! I jumped on that and paid my local independent and good cycle shop $25 to mount and balance each tire. About once a year CG will have a decent sale. Otherwise, it's JW. $276 for those tires isn't bad. I haven't used mine long enough to know if I'll like them yet. Rotator cuff tear right after mounting them......; (
  15. I would like to hear how the 8th gen. standard is a step backwards.