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  1. LOL.....poor sheep! Where's the sheep dog during all this? I've spent enough time overseas, a lot actually, to know how Americans are viewed. I can certainly take that stereotype. We earned it.
  2. I'd love to have the Duc. Not enough to run out and buy one since I have a VFR. I also don't look at these bikes as "either, or". They both have huge pluses and minor minuses. Just get both of them if one is passionate enough about both of them. I've had MBS and got over it.
  3. You seem to feel the need to use, "you're touchy", "you're thin skinned", "nobody else took it personally" lines fairly often here and on another forum. Perhaps you should examine your posts and you might objectively (if you are able to be that way) conclude the "thin skin" isn't with the other people. As far as The United States of America being big and important, it is, and that comment concerning The United States of America first came from you for some reason. Problem with The United States of America? Maybe the fundamental problem is......you. Concerning Quickshifters, something for everyone. Personally, I enjoy shifting manually. On a "super bike" I can see a need. Over and out, I hope. Everyone have a nice day. Tomorrow will have a high of 70° and sunny so I'll be out.
  4. I echo that. All that work has led to a lot of people having a lot of fun in honor of your friend, TEXASMAC
  5. Got it. Never have seen that kind of sign before. The Gap is a bad place to be on an icy day whether treated or not.
  6. No kidding on the crash sign. What's up with the "untreated road ahead" sign. It's been several months since I've been there but plan to be there in March or April.
  7. I have used TankSlapper on my 5th, 6th, and now 8th gen. bikes. It's the best solution out there IMO. I put mine on the 8th gen. before TankSlapper "designed" for the 8th gen. I bought a 6th gen. kit, trimmed it to fit on both sides of the tank (very easy) then installed (maybe 15 minutes for both sides). Glue isn't needed if you follow the instructions. It's an install and forget solution that is hardly visible but to those that are looking for it. On the back of the fuel tank, I used the black rubber ST1300 protector. It's pricey but looks good and this is a hard wear point on the tank. There ya go.
  8. If I didn't have an 8th gen, I would seriously look at this. It would be fun in N. Ga. and W. NC or just were I live near there. Wonder if it has the legendary high maintenance costs of some past Duc's? With the much lower weight and much higher torque, it has to have some serious "go" power. It has what Honda should do with the VFR. Apparently, Honda doesn't want to do that. Ducati must be reading VFR forums and listening.
  9. That might qualify for the flattest, straightest road I've ever ridden. Feel for ya man......
  10. Motorcycle sales are about half of what they were annually in the 2005-2006 timeframe. Motorcycles are bought with disposable income for the most part and people just don't have it as in the past. I don't think much of it is a generational thing. Maybe draining the swamp will help bring back normalcy which most people have forgotten IMO. We are paying for too much govt. and not enough of what we want. Over and out.
  11. Likely a Delkevic.
  12. At least they're fixing some roads. I've noticed a lot of them getting in very bad shape. Last time I was there, Hwy. 28 just out of Franklin was about gone as far as being a decent road safe to ride on. It was beginning to fall off the mountain.
  13. Very good points. I lap swim regularly to stay in shape. Riding a VFR out of shape is a painful thing to do. Any bike for that matter....except maybe a Hardley "couch", LOL!
  14. The stock exhaust is a behemoth. A slip-on is a necessity for an 8th gen. if you want better balance and performance. The Delk does make a significant difference.
  15. Yeah. They can't catch me and seldom try to catch bikes where I live. That's per the sheriff in the county next door to mine. A Tahoe in the mountains after a sport bike just won't get it done. Find many non-double line stretches in mountains?