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  1. Interesting Fuel Stats.

    MY experience is that VFR's run terrible on premium fuel and great on regular fuel, especially regular fuel without welfare ethanol in it. My 8th gen. does get significantly better fuel mileage then either the 5th or 6th gens., under the same riding conditions, that I've owned and the 8th gen. runs better, especially at lower rpm's. Some have said the top end speed is slightly lower but I'll never know as I have no need to go that fast.
  2. Ducati supersport

    Finally, someone that is a man of action. Wanting one and getting one is a good enough reason. We don't have to "justify" anything. Correct, VFR4Lee. Women just have power. No getting around that.
  3. Pilot seat recommendations

    Somewhat related to a new seat, but getting off the bike every hour is a healthy thing to do. It helps everything by moving around a few minutes and keeps the mind sharp which is definitely needed to survive motorcycle riding. I never had a issue with the OEM seat but we're all different.
  4. OEM changed per manual.......
  5. Advice needed on second bike

    Why not just get a used VFR? New ones are allegedly so cheap that used ones have to be getting close to free and you get more bike for the money. I've had three generations of VFR's in 100 degree humid heat and they do fine. That's the reason they have a rad. fan and they do work. Or, why keep the miles off your VFR? I don't hear of worn out VFR engines.
  6. True Struggle

    One of the problems in buying a Ducati is that you have to pay closer to what the sticker price says or even what list is. Few VFR owners are willing (or able) to do that on a VFR so I would very carefully find out why that is in your own mind, not someone else's. Sometimes what you pay is what something is worth, sometimes not.
  7. So, what will it mainly be used for? Commuting, twisties, trips, general use or what? Just curious. Nice catch there!
  8. Glad you like them. Stones have always gripped well for me and worn OK but, my gawd, they ride hard. That has applied to any kind of Bstone for me to the point I'm finished with them. I'm tired of being beaten up and am only going to adjust my suspension so much because of a hard riding tire. NC is a great place to tire test and have fun.
  9. I really do love oil threads. They've very suspenseful. The result is always the same for me. I just use motorcycle oil in my motorcycles, car oils in my cars, and in my other motorized devices, whatever is recommended by the manufacturer. Never experienced an oil problem in my life of engine ownership. Simply amazing....not.
  10. Mods

    Ditto. Someone wasn't telling you the truth about rear seat cowl and handles. EVERY new 8th Gen. VFR comes with them.....except yours apparently.
  11. 2018 Gold Wing v. VFR

    We want you to buy one so you can do more vids, post them and give it reviews. That might save (or cost) some of us a lot of money. You'd be willing to do that, no? Sounds like Honda does some good innovative thinking for this bike. Maybe because the make money with it. Maybe they would make more money from VFR's if they did the same.....
  12. I remember, not very long ago, when none of my bikes had gear indicators. Somehow, I was able to ride just as well as I do now. I can even ride without turn signal canceling devices. Simple is good sometimes. The gear indicator is a good thing IMO. Riding a motorcycle well, takes quite a bit of muscle memory, eye, rest of body coordination, and instinctive thinking, acting and reacting. Maybe that's why some of us enjoy riding. If we're still alive (I am right now), if might be because riding a motorcycle will strengthen one's defensive riding / driving skills and instincts. I wonder how many riders and drivers are killed and hurt by "drivers" using cell phones. That's as big an issue killing people as the latest "opioid epidemic" bandwagon politicians seem to enjoy riding on. I'm going to ride a VFR in the mountains today.....; ) Yay. That's the only reason I own one.
  13. 2018 Gold Wing v. VFR

    May be a couch but your ass might not hurt as bad after a long day. There's been many days I wish my ass didn't hurt as bad but this bike in the twisties 90% of the time might present other issues, so not for me. Might be good for you Gator in Mouseland......
  14. 2018 Gold Wing v. VFR

    Both fun machines, including the Goldwing. Solution: get all three.
  15. Front Stand Recommendation

    I have a Pit Bull that picks up using the hole in the triple tree. No plastic impact or touching whatsoever. Steady as can be. It eliminates the jury rigging to change a front tire, do brake work, etc. Very worth the money for my peace of mind. You'll need a rear stand too. Very worth the money as well.