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  1. R&G Tank Pads

    Nice looking motorcycle. If you get tired of them, put some Tankslappers on the tank and they won't be visible at all and will work forever.
  2. Buying advice - 8th gen

    FWIW: Traction control on a ~100hp bike is a waste of time, need, weight and money. TC on the 8th gen. has record of not working well not to mention the rather poor job of it's design, function, placement, and bulkiness on the bars. I'd rather not need it due to riding skill and good judgement. Look at some of the YouTube videos of Rossi and Stoner riding without any traction control. You'll hear them bad mouth electronic controls if you find the right videos...especially Stoner. Find the one where he states why he retired at 27 y.o. There is no substitute for riding skill. Heated grips don't keep your hands warm in spite of what other's say after having them on two bikes I've owned. You still need the same warm gloves on a bike with heated grips so definitely not worth paying for to me. ABS isn't worth the money, weight, and slight complication to me after riding without it for many years and my share of close calls. Un-linked brakes are a blessing, IMO. If you don't know how to stop a bike quickly without ABS, maybe you should learn...just another opinion. You don't really need a center stand (I negotiated one free and installed on my standard I now wish wasn't on the bike) but you should spend the money on a front & rear set of Pit Bull stands. If you ever own a set, you'll kick yourself for not doing it sooner. As far as self-canceling turn signals.....really! Anyone that regularly forgets to cancel turn signals is anything but a careful and attentive motorcycle rider. Those too are known not to function reliably on an 8th gen. The rear suspension on a standard is easily adjustable and I've had no need to adjust the front at all. Due to the much improved low end torque (with a slip on), I think the 8th gen. is much quicker in the twisties than either the 5th or 6th gens. that I've owned. I may be the only person alive that didn't adore the 5th gen. and it's gear noise. It did have significant design flaws, one of which can get the rider in trouble. PM me if you want to know what. That's just another bunch of opinions and stuff to think about. People tend to like what they bought whether standard or deluxe so the main thing is just ride, have fun, be careful, and accept that fact that there is no perfect motorcycle that does everything very well. ; )
  3. New leftover base 2014 price?

    To answer your question, offer them what the bike is worth to YOU. If you roll away with one from a dealer you paid, say, $5400 - $7000 for, understand it has near no resale value so plan to like and keep it if money is a factor in your life. The 8th gen. is an excellent bike for what it was intended to do. If you want a powerful bike, it isn't one. If you want a comfortable bike to ride all day, it isn't one. If you want the best compromise, that's what it is, but you know that if you own a 2007. BTW, what's wrong with your 2007? Just curious because if it runs well, I would keep it.
  4. Good. Glad to hear the job wasn't finished until complete resurfacing. It needed it badly. The road surfaces where I ride need to get maintenance priority....sure...: )
  5. Parts of 28 closer to Franklin have gotten poorly done surface treatment lately. Parts haven't. Was there in the cage recently. The parts that haven't are in shameful condition. North Carolina gives out enough speeding tickets to pay for this road resurfacing. Bottom line, I don't much care. There are much better places to stay than Franklin. All politicians should be banished above the Arctic Circle, and we should start over again with new crooks.
  6. Tires!

    FWIW, I used to run a lot of Avon Storms before dual compound tires came along and they were and still are very good tires for hard running or just running IMO. Also, as implied, they were awesome in the rain. They're a very predictable tire. Kind of surprised more people don't use them as in the past.
  7. Someone else "gets it". Don't know why anyone is worked up over my post since secession is going to happen anyway just not soon enough. Go ride a VFR.
  8. There's obviously no patriotism towards Kalifornia in this thread. The state is financially insolvent and getting worse, they've nearly taxed a dollar, a dollar, so where else is the money supposed to come from?? Oh, and Texas is running out of room for Kalifornians...... On a more positive note, looks like the best choices are traffic school, or fight it.
  9. Good idea on that LED flasher. Too bad there's a need......
  10. Go ahead and ditch the OEM tires and spring for some real rubber. It's torture trying to get the OEM's to go around a corner. Ditch some weight and help very low rpm grunt with a slip on. Man, with all that protection you're putting on the bike, you know you're going to drop it in your garage soon.......; )
  11. LOL! We NEED TC, ABS, quick shifters AND and an AIRBAG is coming on our 104hp crotch rockets!! Never mind driver education. We don't need that. It makes too much sense. Can't pass an annual test, no driver's license. Glad to know I'm not the only one actually ENJOYING owning and driving two, model year 2000 Japanese cars. One with over 240K miles on it that runs like new and the other a Tacoma with only 110K miles on it and running like new. I love the lack of technology in these work horses. One doesn't have ABS, so, in reality, I must be dead. Strange insurance rates didn't go down when ABS and airbags came out. Meanwhile, I still think where you ride and rider skill have more to do with bike safety than anything else. I really need to ride but this damned rotator cuff surgery healing is a bitch.........
  12. My VFR800FD eclipse excursion

    Nice and WOW! That's more interstate riding than I've done in my entire life on a bike....literally. I absolutely refuse to ride on interstates for the reasons you wrote. Twisties, that's where 90% of my riding is and I consider that to be no comparison safety-wise for me. I can get almost anywhere without having to get on a four lane slab populated with morons. It's bad enough in a cage. Good move trashing the OEM "tires". They don't speak well for Honda.
  13. Aegis destroyers are expensive too. But we have plenty of them so don't worry about them getting run over by large commercial vessels. We'll just fix them with money we don't have. We also have plenty of sailors so don't worry about losing a few. As far as money for infrastructure, ever see a politician leave money alone that, by law, was supposed to be set aside for some specific purpose....i.e. Social Security? I'll go to NC whenever I feel like it after this rotator cuff heals. Was just asking a question about Hwy. 28. Dutchy is right about Blood Mountain. Georgia and Tennessee are in a contest for tar snake capital of the world. They both win and we all lose. Better quit.....
  14. That fact will never change. Was at a WERA race recently and really surprise at how hefty (overweight) some of the riders were. Too many Big Macs and large fries.....
  15. Speedo error

    With stock gearing, 5th and 6th gens. are 8% high reading. That used to be commonly known but not so apparently now.