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  1. Well they look vile ... Russian, that explains a lot
  2. At a time when all the big manufacturers are trying to cut cost, saving us money, why do should you expect the sales room to have a resident suspension/ergonomic expert a available free of charge The insurance liabilities would be astronomic and the service costs would escalate as the mechanics also had to become trained up I thought part if the enjoyment of owning your own motorcycle is choosing what's done to it Comparing bicycles to modern motorcycles is ridiculous
  3. The only weight saving I'm interested in is the unsprung weight, to which end I'm working my way through all the fasteners swapping them for titanium from Pro-bolt, the disc fixing bolts are about 1/2 the weight of the mild steel ones fitted, both sides and all the brake bolts soon add up If you're seriously going to fit a lithium battery just to save weight, then make sure you empty your bladder frequently, carry only a credit card and leave your phone behind
  4. Thanks JZH I spoke to Powerhouse, this is their reply:- We don’t have replacements for the original plated mild steel Tokico pistons - we can get them OEM but don’t, because they rot like tin foil. Instead, we have them made in stainless steel. They’re £19 each or we do the full set of 8 for £119. They also do the seals
  5. Locksmith time I feel before you break it
  6. If you have the old ones Poeton Abtec are willing to look and see if they can help
  7. HMRC allows $25 import of commercial goods before taxes are payable on all of it The taxes are cost of goods Plus shipping and insurance X 20% vat, Import duty may also be applied at 10%, if it's sent USPS then the Post Office will charge £10 handling fee .... these fees vary and can be different for the same item going through different offices I would estimate your total bill for 8 to be around £280 Ive sent and received stuff from the USA for years, sometimes it can take weeks before you get the bill then longer to get the item, sometimes less than a week and it's yours .... it's quicker now as you can pay online Good luck
  8. Just checked Partzilla, $24 & $25 each, so $100 a side ..
  9. Speak to a company called Poeton Abtec in Gloucester They may well be able to hone and given them the ceramic coating they do for motorcycle barrels Chrome plating obviously doesn't work, assuming they're plated at all This company looks worth a call http://www.brakecaliperspecialists.uk/brake-caliper-refurbishment/
  10. If you're going to make a carbon fibre replacement any chance of making that 2?
  11. I'd agree with that ^^ The ABS is the best I've used, over the past year Ive had several BMWs and Triumph triples for 2 weeks at a time, so I've got a broad taste of what is on offer outside Japan and Honda have got it perfect, the Triumphs I can make the front wheel squeal The TC gets a lot of flack but I have nothing but praise for it, saved my hide a couple of times on gravel ... it also gets it for looking tacked on, I prefer that rather than mixed in with the other switches I don't want more power, if I want this to go fast then drop a gear and get the revs up above 7500, then crack the throttle open ... I can get my VFR from 30-90 faster than I can my CBR600 Once you get used to it the indicator switch is actually easier to use with thick gloves on As for comfort, I'm 6'2" and with a double bubble screen find the standard controls/seat height just fine for up to 4 hrs non stop
  12. You need some after market lever blades, if you're already on 5 you have no adjustment left in the blades, something to reduce the lever throw close to the pivot is what's required
  13. Those are what I've got fitted, makes quite a difference to the feel of the ride
  14. A link please? BTW don't use Hammerite, it contains silicon and has to be solvent washed then blasted off
  15. Sounds like someone has the winter blues Wait for 6 weeks and your decision will be totally different