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  1. For anyone in the UK wanting Speed Bleeders, the total for 4 in stainless steel was £55 including shipping, the Post Office and Customs came to £18.50 They were here in a week or at least I got the demand for the extra a week later
  2. Buying advice - 8th gen

    The cowl comes in the crate with the bike from Japan
  3. If the indentation was caused by a vacuum then save the £700 because it's pretty easy to get those dents blown out and the tank refinished
  4. Thanks again Grum .... This should be the first 8th gen sticky
  5. Buying advice - 8th gen

    Agreed but it's the adjustable suspension that sealed the deal for me, the ride was just acceptable before tweaking it, now it's as good as I want it PS Just reread your first post and you're in Seattle, know it well, lived on Fox Island for a few months Once you've got used to having 5 position heated grips you'll be using them a lot, just the thing on a cold foggy morning to have warm hands Unless the driving standard has improved, particularly with the Boeing traffic, etc you'll really find out how good the ABS is in the first month and it's brilliant, makes the BMW system feel agricultural ...in the wet it has to be experienced to be believed Similarly the adjustable suspension, I set mine softer in the cooler weather as the tyres are a bit stiffer, etc, also adjusted stiffer when I take my grandson out ...if you plan on touring you'll be able to find a setting that spot on loaded, once you've shed the weight you just set it back to where you normally have it ... a 30 second job I rode 101 last Fall up the coast from Arcata CA to Neah Bay WA on a Triumph 800XC, the non adjustable forks on that just reminded me how rubbish it could be on a new motorcycle, I can't speak for standard VFR but the non adjustable units on the CBR500 are as bad as the Triumph At the end of the day, you want your bike to be able to do whatever you ask of it, the DLX will be all you ever wanted and it's already been assembled by Honda so is covered by warranty BTW there's plenty of spare power in the generator to run a heated jacket for extra toastie warmth
  6. Well it's sorted after wasting a morning taking it to Fowlers, next time I'm checking the vent line after they have the tank off Thanks to Skids for raising the matter and kudos to Grum for solution and how to check the line
  7. Very well timed post ....just had my 16,000 mile service done, went to fill up and when I opened the tank there was a loud sucking noise .... I guess it's back to Fowlers to sort
  8. VFR vibration

    If you can feel the vibration with the bike in neutral then it's the engine if you can only feel it on the move it'll be in the transmission in which case I'd guess at the drive shaft housing alignment not being correct, put it on the centre stand and see if it looks straight on top of the shaft housing, same for the side Unless it's perfectly straight you need to slacken the housing bolts then do them back up slowly and symmetrically, I'd guess some body did the bolts up by going around them instead of diagonally
  9. Honda service schedule is every 2 yrs
  10. VTEC Downshift

    No, just treat it like a normal engine
  11. I'm pretty sure Fink will be using the OEM Honda heated grips as we only get the Deluxe version of the 8th gen in the UK and they're standard on the bike Theyre the best I've used, 5 position and much more useful than the ones on my BMW Should plug into a ready made connection in the harness If you're going to CO you'll find them a real blessing
  12. I've got EZ grip on my tank and it's great stuff, tech reports IMHE are usually done by people who aren't paying or living with what they test
  13. Nightmare

    Under side of the back end is nice and clean
  14. Birthday present survey

    Heated grips for the 5th gen?