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  1. Sprocket change

    You're correct 16/43, wrong bike, but the VFR does 95 in top at just below VTEC cut in
  2. Sprocket change

    Stock gearing here is 15/42, there's the difference Everytime I used the car pool lanes in CA it seemed to be compulsory to do at least 10 mph faster than the posted limit
  3. Sprocket change

    Thats odd, mine does 95 in top before the VTEC cuts in
  4. Intro and Wheel Question

    You should be able to get armoured Kevlar jeans in a small ladies size to fit the lad, Red Route do some very small sizes There are also kids gloves and jackets in most online stores, both vital IMHO When my grandson comes out on the bike with me he always had the same level of protective gear as me, including leathers now he's a bit bigger Alpinestars do kids size boots to, another important bit of clothing Try Craigslist and eBay ..... Plus 'it's the season to be giving
  5. Pilot seat recommendations

    I used to have a Moto Rumi 125 twin 2 stroke, fragile but beautiful bike That had a suede seat as standard, yes Fink, wet arse for days after a brief shower
  6. Slip on Exhaust

    If it came from Brussels it's almost certainly Euro 4 Thanks
  7. Slip on Exhaust

    Pgeller - does that can have E4 stamped on it? If so its Euro 4 compliant
  8. Picture Thread

    We've had salt down on several days recently ..... It's conveniently rained and washed it off so I could go out the next day, I think we're due a sunny day tomorrow
  9. Found these advertised as cycling shorts, bloody brilliant Forcefield armoured panels on the thighs and hips, Coccyx protector and padded area where the bicycle saddle would be, very comfortable and no frozen nuts Not cheap at £70, reduced from £100 My Goretex Dainese pants have no pockets for hip armour, having bust my pelvis and impacted my rt hip in 2014 I'm very concious of this short coming, these shorts are like all the other Forcefield armour I've got, flexible and super comfortable The armour is all removable for cleaning, the Lycra construction means they dry quick
  10. Hugger - Ermax hugger/chainguard Screen - Puig double bubble, tinted dark in my case
  11. Trying to find touch-up paint

    Try this https://www.twowheelparts.nl/en/paint/colorpaint/honda/
  12. How To Set The *&% Clock!

    Better than dark at 4 pm as the evenings get dark earlier On the plus side we get 4:30 dawn and 10:20+ Summer evenings
  13. Mods

    I find the Puig double bubble made the bike more stable and shifted the wind up .... it's tinted too
  14. Quick trip to CA 36

    I've done 36 from the coast to Red Bluff a few times, the section after the turning for highway 3 uphill is notorious for the roadside gravel getting dragged onto the road, I've had both wheels airborne at the same time more than once The section from the Trinity/Humboldt boundary going west is really rough this year, the winter rains washed parts of it away, lots of cracks and banding Just be careful riding the Humboldt county section