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  1. Thanks Jochem, I'm going to cut and paste the UK and Belgium answers on a single page and send it to Honda UK Update Not listed in the UK database ffs, not the one Fowlers have anyway Jochem, where would you advise me to go mail order in Belgium? Update 2 Found it first time in the Netherlands https://www.twowheelparts.nl/en/paint/colorpaint/honda/1183752/pyrite-brown-metallic-vfr-800-14-yr-325-m-150ml-spraycan.html Might be a problem shipping it ....pressurised container of solvents Update 3 Using the drop down menu you can get a 12ml paint pen .... Should be no problem there
  2. The Indian company Hero got their fingers badly burned with EBR, the asking price for Ducati is so high because it has a proven track and sales record, has new motors and bike ready to release, outside of Japan they're the most successful company in the world ... the total opposite of EBR Hero wont touch the management at all, part of the reason EBR failed ... Ducati have top designers, engineers and management that are experts at what they do The comparison with MV is invalid due the mostly unseen money movement that caused 50+ bikes to be sold and then classed as stolen in the UK alone ... which incidentally is still going on, how many other bikes are out there in similar circumstances is anyone's guess ... MV has never recovered a sense of direction since the old man died
  3. Precisely ..... planning a "career in politics" is shorthand for "I don't care who's ass I have lick to avoid real work"
  4. It was common practice to put different base coats on before the top colour coat ... I'd try that sprayed over a black base coat, a bit of trial and error and you should end up somewhere near right
  5. Me too
  6. Apparently not, they tend to like shooting people a lot recently ...
  7. What make is the hugger?
  8. Spend a lot of time with the bike at 10k + revs?
  9. I travel to California twice a year and rent a motorcycle in San Francisco, then take off for 2 weeks of riding, usually renting a BMW GS800 from Dubbelju, who I thoroughly recommend, this time tho I decided to give the Triumph XC800 a try The BMW is a bitch in traffic, box full of neutrals and none in the right place, it has other faults but I've learned how to set the suspension so it at least handles OK at 85 with panniers, 85 seems to be the mandatory speed in the car pool lanes and I've been overtaken by motorcycle cops going faster and weaving through the traffic like maniacs The bike had already been warmed up for me, so when I arrived it was just a matter of contents of suitcase into panniers and we're off Initial impression was favourable, although riding north up Van Ness in the traffic is always just traffic light to traffic light, so it wasn't until I was across the Golden Gate and into the flow of 101 that I could really open it up, which made the screen start making the bike wobble, this continued to be a pisser throughout the 2 weeks When I started the bike from cold the next day it sounded like the proverbial bag of spanners, so I called the rental "just hold the clutch in" ...not a good sound if I was to own one The performance was disappointing for an 800 supposedly putting out 95 bhp, it's 10% lighter than the VFR so the performance wasn't there, the engine just sounded like an electric motor and quickly ran out of go, very disappointing The BMW suspension was poor, but wind the rear pre load to soft and it was OK, try as I might I couldn't get the XC to handle properly, the forks always felt like they had progressive springs in and dived easily (an a quantance has an XC and he's just had new seals, 8 weeks from new, also just found it it's had to have new throttle bodies at 4,300) The ride up the coastal section of 101 was therefore not that much of a pleasure, up and down through the box rapidly cooked the clutch, the ratios appear to be the same as the Daytona, 1st is too high, 6th too low, they're so close it made the ride very tiring, by the time I'd reached Neah Bay in the north west tip of Washington I was looking forward to the section where the road runs along the edge of Puget Sound as it heads back towards Olympia and I-5 north to Seattle Seattle traffic is fine after the Bay Area, but that's when the clutch started playing up again, it's a cable operated one and the lever on the box was at 90* to the casing, so when you pulled the clutch in the mechanical advantage decreased, making it like an old Harley 45 suicide clutch The ride through Yakima valley and along the Columbia river were fine except for that screen, it's fixed to the bike with 4 bolts and some angle bracketry, a total styling excercise and really genuinely retro, Triumph would have fitted that in the 60's .... I was going to ship it back but FedEx wanted $70 The engine continued to disappoint with patchy fuelling that didn't adjust well to the humidity on the coast or the arid sections in the Cental Valley, this trip no real mountains so can't comment on that ...twice the motor ran out of guts and left me in a dangerous place The ABS is so poor I could make the front tyre squeal, brakes are OK for a single side, adequate nothing more So overall I walked away after 14 days and 3,000 miles thinking " I can't wait to get back on my VFR" There are no VFR rentals I could find in the Pacific Northwest or California ... I sure wish there was
  10. Theres your answer ...7,000 miles + Dunlop tires = worn out The carcassing is showing through, if the police see that you're guilty of using a vehicle in an unroadworthy condition .. Insurance companies hate that and you'll pay for it, big time
  11. Rapid Bike module will sort that much better than a PC
  12. I managed just over 5,000 before my original Dunlop tyres before the were hanging ....the Bridgestone B23's I replaced them with are now 8,000 miles with enough left to make 10,000 and the grip is excellent
  13. They don't make any more effort in England, I was looking for a sportsbike with enough generator output to run a heated jacket, when the VFR I now own was parked next to a bunch of Pata CBR's in the show room ...tried it for size, loved it, paid the deposit there and then, never looked back
  14. Why do you say that? The last few years have been exceptional and this years weather is normal, it was only a few years ago Friday's racing was cancelled, no Senior TT for the first time As for the racing, it's been brilliant, Hillier and Hickman have really shone through as the next generation Honda have turned it into a bad year for themselves and all the poor sods who booked up to see Guy Martin win a TT .... an expensive lesson for everyone
  15. Such a nice bloke as well