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  1. Replacing Front Brake/Clutch Levers HELP!!!!

    I have a feeling you purchased or were sent the wrong fitment - that does not appear to align (understatement). I’ve installed two sets of the HK levers on my bikes (and a third on a friend’s) and the installation took only a few minutes - it should not be flummoxing you.
  2. 6th Gen Valve Check Interval - 15k?

    Yeah, I had the throttle synch done before on a prior VFR and it helped, but as I said it’s not so disruptive (or frankly, irritating) that I’m desperate for a fix. It’s one of those “I should.....” things that comes up once in a while.
  3. 6th Gen Valve Check Interval - 15k?

    No signs - my only current complaints (mild as they are) is a bit of the jerky throttle at small openings (e.g. garage speed) and the VTEC switchover is a bit jerky too...but neither are extreme and are no more pronounced than before.
  4. I don’t want to kick off the usual debate, just asking because a guy on a local board with a 6th gen just did his valves and offered to help check mine. My current VFR has only 15k miles and a mechanic friend suggested it’s almost certain the entire 6-8 hour job will only serve to confirm they’re within spec. Given I’m not anxious to waste time (mine or anyone else’s) I’d love to know if anyone has done their valves at 15-16k and needed adjustments. If not I will likely opt to hold off. Thanks!
  5. ECN Down

    Geez man, how time flies. Ed was such a nice guy and such a pleasure to be around - always had that mischievous smile and positive attitude. Whenever you’re in the area give a holler, it would be great to share another ride. Take care buddy.
  6. ECN Down

    I’m gutted to report that Ed passed away on December 28. Somehow I had missed the news which had been mentioned on some of the local Bay Area forums. Ed was a great guy and a blast to ride with and will be missed terribly. RIP
  7. ECN Down

    I’ve heard back from Jeff ‘Dillionaire’ - the guy that was on that ride and started the GoFundMe. He says the campaign timeframe ended and that’s likely why folks are getting an error. He’s trying to hand it off directly to the family for them to manage so they can more readily access funds donated. I’ll ask him to update when/if things are fixed and advise. Thanks for your patience all!
  8. ECN Down

    Dutchy / JZH - thanks for the heads up. I am not personally involved with the GoFundMe aside from donating, but the guy that did start it is on another board. I’ll let him know of the issue. Edit: I just tried the link (https://www.gofundme.com/2cpfmpwu) and it worked for me...can you please PM me with what you’re seeing (or maybe it’s fixed).
  9. ECN Down

    Everyone, I’m sorry for the silence - we were out of town for a while and I frankly had not heard much in the way of news to share. Ed was released from the hospital some weeks ago and has been at a rehabilitation facility. One of the guys on that fateful ride has been keeping in touch with his family and just sent me this: While not the recovery news I’d hoped for, it’s wonderful to hear that he’s improving and I’m sure his family and loved ones appreciate any good vibes you can send their way. As others have said, Ed is the kind of rider folks love being around and just a great guy.
  10. ECN Down

    This was posted on another board last week summarizing Ed’s condition: I’ve not heard any further specifics, but it’s clear this is not a short-term recovery Ed’s facing. Again, if you have the means and are so inclined please consider donating to the GoFundMe link as I’m sure it will help. Thank you.
  11. ECN Down

    I’ll try - I want to tread lightly and not badger his caregivers or family but I’ll try to keep the VFRD community up to date.
  12. Buddy...heard about your crash earlier this afternoon - sending you all the best for your recovery.  If you need any help please don’t hesitate - and I mean it. Happy to help your family, stop by to shoot the shit or bring you stuff you might need.  


    Take care my friend.  Get well! 

  13. ECN Down

    I’m very sorry to report that Ed ‘ECN’ crashed badly this past July 3rd. I was not on the ride but reports are that the road they were on had a lot of construction and lane-closures/shifts. Apparently (and this information may be incorrect) an oncoming driver in an SUV failed to go back to their lane and remained in the oncoming lane as Ed (the lead rider) entered a right-hand blind turn. They impacted head-on and he was seriously injured. I do not know the specifics or extent of his injuries, but I do know he was airlifted to a trauma center and was comatose (I do NOT know if it was induced)...but to my understanding he is breathing on his own and the very nice nurse in the ICU advised that he was in surgery so I hope that suggests he’s on the mend and out of immediate danger. A fellow rider and online friend of Ed’s posted a GoFundMe page to help Ed’s family through this crisis. If you’re able to kick in a few bucks it would be appreciated. I met Ed on VFRD and he’s a friendly, kind, funny and warm guy that I really enjoy riding with. He’s quick with a laugh and has a dry, clever sense of humor that makes him a hoot to be around. https://www.gofundme.com/2cpfmpwu This one hits close to me - he was on a pre-July 4th ride and his life changed in an instant. Please everyone - ride / drive safe and tell your friends and family to THINK about what’s around that next corner. I’m sure that SUV driver didn’t intend anything wrong, but if things happened as reported their moment of inattention or poor driving had tragic consequences. Thanks for hearing me out.
  14. Clutch Chatter On Idle

    Are you certain it’s not the sound of the cam chain tensioner? I had two go bad on my prior 6th gen and engaging the clutch seemed to correlate to the noise but was actually incidental. If I heard a rattle I would strongly suspect the CCT.
  15. R/r Flip Plate Mount For The Fh020Aa Shindengen R/r

    Pardon the potentially dumb question...why is this needed? I thought the FH202A would mount on the existing bolts?