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  1. Buddy...heard about your crash earlier this afternoon - sending you all the best for your recovery.  If you need any help please don’t hesitate - and I mean it. Happy to help your family, stop by to shoot the shit or bring you stuff you might need.  


    Take care my friend.  Get well! 

  2. An old high school buddy works in fabrication and I jokingly suggested him making me some CF fairings as he brings up that material. He said "get me the CAD files and we'll see". I've poked around but no idea where I'd get such a thing (indeed if they're available). Anyone have a link?
  3. PorradaVFR

    IMG 4067

    Up at the Lick? When is the next one?
  4. Oi! That boffin's right brilliant he is! Thanks for the tip mate!
  5. PorradaVFR

    IMG 4019

    She's purty!
  6. You gotta wander buddy...20 minutes and you could be in any number of twisties around here! :)
  7. PorradaVFR

    Mulholland Snake

    Is the camera mounted on your chin bar or on the windscreen?
  8. 5V/1A is fine to charge an iPhone 5, you'll need 2.1A to charge an iPad however if that's what you were thinking.
  9. I bled my old 2004 plenty of times using a MityVac but now have an ABS model and am not sure how much the process differs. Tips on the same procedure, but using the standard bleed valves and a MityVac? Thanks for the GREAT write-up!
  10. I remove the rear tire, swingar, radiators and headlight assembly then generously spray lube all over myself then wrap the chain around my glistening body whilst singing inspiring songs of our forefathers. ....or if I'm in a hurry clean the chain with a grunge brush and some mineral spirits, dry with a CLEAN cloth then use Dupont Dry Lube "Chain Saver" about every 500 miles.
  11. Has anyone tried the Delkevic headers as seen on eBay for ~$300?
  12. Matte upper, gloss lower?
  13. Are those black headlight covers? Me likely if road legal...please reply. :fing02:
  14. While simple green is a great cleaner, it will DESTROY certain materials, like the gaskets in your chain. Ask me how I know... On the other hand, I bet your soon-to-be-replaced chain had never looked better - just like mine did after a Simple Green scrubbing. :woohoo: :pissed:
  15. PorradaVFR

    Suit for Sale

    Dainese Laguna Seca Suit
  16. PorradaVFR


    GIven the instruction behind me that may well have been the lap where I hit the center stand and had a NICE pucker moment! :goofy: The "dip" in Turn 6 is pretty dramatic if you're not in good body position and ON the gas. Thanks for reminding my I have to get back to Laguna... :fing02:
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