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  1. Nope, you know why.

  2. dbs05


    Slurp Slurp...get a room. Oh that's right you did! :laughing6-hehe:
  3. dbs05


    Notice you said follow! Just giving you shit Capt'n.
  4. dbs05


    You use any front brake?
  5. dbs05


  6. dbs05

    Loveland Pass

    Cream always rises Bill! :fing02:
  7. Miguel, Very entertaining video and blog as usual. Glad some of the dirt covered roads we showed you were able to make the cut. My short rest in the grass did not show up! Thanks for that. Damn beemer owners. See you in August for the Summit. A few of the CLT bunch are coming out and maybe you can show us some of your part of the world. Brian
  8. dbs05

    TMac 2009

  9. You cancelled the ride for this!
  10. Sam had fallen down drunk in the corner and could not get up. We left him there. In Doug's defense, his form is very good but he had on textile pants and could not put his knee down like usual and I think that played a part in his 'form'.
  11. I guess we will find out in a week. I'll try my best to keep the laughing to a minimum Travis.
  12. dbs05


    And he sells it for a crappy bmw. About that bmw, when can I ride it? :biggrin: Bite me comes to mind! That was one fine example of a sixth gen. I kinda miss the old girl. (until I go in the garage)
  13. Very nice. I could get used to that blue. I'm with Seb. Blue front fender ?
  14. dbs05

    Morrow Mountain

    Nov 18, 2007
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